Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prometheus (re)Bound; Scene Two

There are large swaths of the original Prometheus script I left untouched. I don't plan to repost those scenes, they are easy enough to track down and watch. Scene Two is almost identical to the original, but I change the end, "Because that is what I choose to believe" is trite Hollywood theology, and I am fanfixing this film to be theological horror. So rather than asking if heaven is beautiful, Shaw asks her father something I remember discussing with my father: Can the dead see see the living? While my father was also talking to a child, unlike Shaw's imagined father, his response was adult and lacked all sentimentality. I also changed the arrival date.

Title:  Scientific Exploratory Vessel: Prometheus 
           Crew: 17 
           Date: April 12, 2093
           Distance From Earth: 3.27 X 1014 KM
[On the ship, Prometheus, David checks on the crew who are in hypersleep.] 
[He gazes upon Shaw.]
[His mask interfaces with her pod and begins a display.]
[He sees what she's dreaming of. We see the dream as David sees it, a frantic assessment of points and lines, searching out the most important aspects of the visual data.]
[She is a child with her father in a foreign land.]
[They are watching a passing funeral procession.]
00:08:32,700 -- 00:08:37,300
Young Shaw:  ++What happened to that man? ++
Shaw’s Father:  ++He died. ++
00:08:37,301 -- 00:08:40,600
Young Shaw:  ++Why aren't you helping him? ++
00:08:40,601 -- 00:08:45,000
Shaw’s Father:  ++They don't want my help. Their God is different than ours. ++
00:08:46,100 -- 00:08:49,000
Young Shaw:  ++Why did he die? ++
00:08:49,001 -- 00:08:53,000
Shaw’s Father:  ++Sooner or later everyone does. ++
Young Shaw:  ++Like mommy? ++
00:08:54,000 -- 00:08:56,600
Shaw’s Father:  ++Like mommy. ++
00:08:57,000 -- 00:09:00,030
Young Shaw:  ++Where do they go? ++
00:09:00,031 -- 00:09:02,400
Shaw’s Father:  ++Everyone has their own word. ++
00:09:02,401 -- 00:09:06,800
 ++Heaven, Paradise... ++
00:09:06,801 -- 00:09:09,600
Young Shaw:  ++Can she see us? ++
00:09:09,601 -- 00:09:13,200
Shaw’s Father:  ++No, I don't thinks so darling. ++
Young Shaw: Why not?
00:09:13,201 -- 00:09:17,201

 ++Because then it wouldn't be Paradise. ++

[David terminates interface.]

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