Sunday, May 17, 2020

Of Apathy & Absence

First issue
Last summer my friend Eric Matthies reached out to me because he was planing to publish an anthology, "in the spirit of the old school punk zines",  and was looking for contributions from friends. As one does with these sort of things, I read it, and filed it away  - meaning to reply later. I got a reminder from Eric a few weeks later, and I'll admit I didn't reread the original pitch, I just dove into writing an idea that had been taking shape after his first email. Looking back, my contribution to Eric's zine turned out to be a bit literal, but only because I remembered the title of the Zine, "DEFY APATHY!" as a theme for the first issue... So it goes. What follows is my dispatch from another country: the past. (although I do feel like the conclusion rhymes nicely with the COVID present.)