Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prometheus (re)Bound

If you have not seen Ridley Scott's Prometheus, what follows will not make any sense. I decided to gently rewrite the film; to bolster what I felt was the movie's greatest strength: the cosmicism of Weyland and David. This is full blown fan fiction. The hardcore Alien and HP Lovecraft fan, William Powhida corresponded with me a great deal while I worked on this, and helped give what follows a distinctly Cthulhu feel, but also supplied a number of suggestions to help make the story fit squarely within the original Alien cannon. Spoiler Alert: What follows is a word for word script of the film's dialog and stage direction. What remains of the original is in black, my changes are in red. [The illustrator PJ McQuade, whose Prometheus fan art project inspired me to tackle this rewrite, has illustrated the revised opening sequence. Anyone else interested in illustrating other revised scenes should email me at info@johnpowers.us]