Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prometheus (re)Bound; Scene One

It bugged me that in the original version, Shaw and Holloway were searching for cave paintings of star constellations. Finding undiscovered cave paintings in the year 2089 is already an near impossibility, a once in a lifetime find that alone would have insured these two young scientists life long fame and fortune (of the academic variety). Instead, we are to believe that these two have been circling the globe like the Scooby Gang finding a series of finds on the level of the Chauvet Cave. I can not. Noticing the constellation is sort of discovery would be made by a diligent researcher hunting through an archive, noticing a pattern that had escaped others. So this scene was rewritten, no to deepen the theological horror, but just to make Holloway man-splainy, and Shaw the student of the archive.

Titles: Prometheus (re)Bound
00:05:00,000 -- 00:05:07,000
[Flash forward 35000 years to an archaeological dig in the Scotland.]
[Elizabeth Shaw has just broken through into a cave, she calls for Holloway to come and look at her findings, they gaze in wonder at cave paintings etched into the cave]
00:05:26,200 -- 00:05:29,200
Shaw: Get Charlie.
00:05:38,900 -- 00:05:41,900
Dig Assistant: Doctor Holloway!
00:05:43,200 -- 00:05:46,300
Dig Assistant: Charlie!
00:05:53,500 -- 00:05:57,300
Halloway: What?!
Shaw: Come quick!
00:06:26,500 -- 00:06:31,500
Titles: Isle of Skye - Scotland, 2089
Halloway: Did you date it?
Shaw: 35.000 years, maybe older.
00:06:54,800 -- 00:06:58,000
Halloway: I've never seen anything like it.
Shaw: I have...
00:07:00,000 -- 00:07:03,100
Halloway: Well, of course, the stacked composition and idealized figure are both common tropes.. We've all seen things like this, but this site is so isolated and so remarkably early. After all, hierarchical scaling are usually the trappings of empire...
00:07:03,700 -- 00:07:08,100
Shaw: No I mean I've seen this; this exact same configuration; THAT constellation. I've seen it twice before - thought it was a coincidence. Only this's got to predate the others, by a millennium.
00:07:20,900 -- 00:07:24,600
Halloway: You must be mistaken.
Shaw: No. I don't think I am...
[Cave painting fades to stars...]

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