Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I cannot figure out how to embed video any larger than this, I suggest watching this full screen.

Above is a primer that explains American Post War abstract art in terms of Star Wars (the two line up eerily well). This is part of the video that will be screened at the Philoctetes Center. I heard the score for this the first time today. I could not be more pleased. Hopefully Luke will post it as part of his Year In MP3s project, if and when he does I will link to it so we can all listen to it uncut.


The screening went really well, and there was a fun question and answer about the project afterwards. Hyperalergic posted a very nice piece about the screening by Zach Cohen HERE


  1. To make the videos larger, edit the post, click the tab in the upper right to go to "Edit HTML" view (where you pasted the code originally) and you'll see two places in the text where the "width" and "height" of the video are specified. I use a Blogspot template similar to yours, and I change mine both to say width="425" height="344" and that usually works well. You may have to experiment, though.

    Thanks for the great blog. -A fellow SW fan.

  2. Thanks for posting that Jove, it has really been frustrating me. I don't dare mess with what is there right now, but I will try those numbers next time I embed a video.

    Glad your enjoying the blog.