Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spiral Jedi (Video)

This is a short mash up my friend Teddy Gage digitally altered for me. It is a snipet of footage taken from Robert Smithson's film Spiral Jetty. I asked Teddy to "Star Wars Kid" it for me. He digitally altered it just as the original footage of a kid goofing around with a broomstick was altered by countless anonymous animators by  added light sabers effects.
FOr those of you unfamiliar with the original, this is Robert smithson filmed from above as he ran the length of his curling manmade jetty. Teddy has digitally inserted a light saber into Smithson's hand.
This was made as a test. It is a tangential bit from a larger video project I have been working on for the past few months.
I am posting it because I think its hilarious, but also as way to test my skills at posting video. Blogger has been fritzy for me lately. I am curious to see how this works. I am always interested in comments, but would appreciate comments on how this down loads, looks and sounds. If anyone has experience embedding video on Blogger, I am very open to suggestions.
If this works for well for enough of you I will post a sample of the larger project, which is an artist commentary called Star Wars and Modernism. I will screen a portion of the commentary in New York later this month.




  1. Brilliant. I love this. Looking forward to the screening.

  2. Double brilliant! Both the concept and the execution.

  3. I just thought of that name (a little late) and Googled it when I got back home, only to find this awesomeness. Nice work!!

  4. Sorry John, What were you going to do with the title? Not to salt your wounds, but here is a Spiral Jedi from 2008:


    Glad you enjoyed the video.