Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Darth Vader Is A Homophobe

In his 1972 book, Society And The Healthy Homosexual, the psychotherapist and gay activist,  George Weinberg,  coined the term "homophobe" - arguably one of the most powerful rhetorical turns of the past half century. As Darth Vader is about to return to cinemas for the first time in decades, it is important to remember that he is not a Nazi, and the Empire isn't Germany, or Russia, or any foreign power. The Empire is, and will always be America, and Vader is and always be the Ugly American. While I'd like to have believed that America had changed since 1977, it hasn't. I thought it might be interesting therefor to remember who exactly Vader is, and who we are, by revisiting Weinberg:
“The person I am describing usually feels under tremendous pressure to be the aggressor in sex."
"He expects conformity..."
"...and passivity on the part of his woman."
"He is easily undone when he does not find it."
"He inflicts ludicrous role expectations on his children."
"In some cases the fear of being in any way womanish has so invaded the crannies of the person's mind that it affects his attitudes towards the use of color in his home and in his clothing."
"He has almost defined himself out of existence by the very contrast he is fighting so hard to establish."


  1. I enjoyed the movie, Rogue One. As an American, how do you recommend defeating the Empire?

  2. That's it? You've been silent since the election and that's all we get?!? We know Trump is homophobic. You're one of the great unknown American minds. Unleash it on the future, on the next four years...we need some instructions motherfucker. Get your head out of your ass and start writing. A lot.

    1. Great unknown American minds?! This tool?! You must not know very many people if you think this guy has a great mind or even rudimentary sculpting skills.

    2. Mom, for the last time: You have to stop posting on the blog. (More seriously: I allowed these comments to go through because I thought they were both funny, but I am not interested in hosting anonymous comments on this blog. I find it cowardly. If you want to make comments - either critical or supportive - do so as yourself from this point forward.)

  3. You are an idiot. You think you are intelligent, but you are not. I don't even care, since elections have consequences, Hillary lost, and Trump will appoint numerous Supreme Court Justices to completely erase your perverted ideology. And your"sculpture" is a joke. You have no real talent and must resort to BS about your "art" to justify being a leech on society.

  4. Yes, that's for sure, Palpatine’s Empire is America, a bold confession))))