Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prometheus (re)Bound

If you have not seen Ridley Scott's Prometheus, what follows will not make any sense. I decided to gently rewrite the film; to bolster what I felt was the movie's greatest strength: the cosmicism of Weyland and David. This is full blown fan fiction. The hardcore Alien and HP Lovecraft fan, William Powhida corresponded with me a great deal while I worked on this, and helped give what follows a distinctly Cthulhu feel, but also supplied a number of suggestions to help make the story fit squarely within the original Alien cannon. Spoiler Alert: What follows is a word for word script of the film's dialog and stage direction. What remains of the original is in black, my changes are in red. [The illustrator PJ McQuade, whose Prometheus fan art project inspired me to tackle this rewrite, has illustrated the revised opening sequence. Anyone else interested in illustrating other revised scenes should email me at info@johnpowers.us]

Source Material: Dialogue [Stage Directions]
PJ McQuade, Prometheus (re)Bound (2012)

[Open with scenes of the primal Universe, the big bang, stars are born, and planets form. Zoom down to see huge volcanoes, storming seas, life emerges]
PJ McQuade, Prometheus (re)Bound (2012)
Titles: Yucat√°n Peninsula, 65 million years ago
[The shot pulls back through a lush rain forest densely populated by huge feathered dinosaurs.]

[Pulling upwards and zooming out until we see the earth as seen from space.]

[A huge alien vessel approaches.]

[As the ship slowly makes contact with the outer atmosphere, it triggers a huge explosion that sets the atmosphere ablaze.]

[[The ship moves slowly downward until it perches on one point at the ridge of the newly formed Chicxuluba Crater, next to a giant waterfall that has formed in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Exiting an aperture at the vessel’s low point, two dozen almost transparently pale, hairless, humanoids are forced from the ship by a dozen black, insectoid xenomorphs. The humanoids, who are clearly terrified as they are dogged and herded, form a tight circle near the edge of a newly formed cliff.]

[The humanoids appear weak and sick - the blacks of their eyes are engorged, their skin, mottled. The xenomorphs define a perimeter as the humanoids are ravaged from within and, one by one, begin to collapse. As they do, they begin spouting snakes and octopus-like creatures from their mouths, genitals, and finally from the cracking flesh of their abdomens and skulls. We now see the much larger figure - its head and shoulders encased in a globe of translucent organic material that appears to be a Portuguese Man of War, it is still recognizable as a living Space Jockey. The “Engineer” backs away cautiously, as if afraid of the Trilobites, and begin moving towards the ship as xenomorphs rush in, unafraid, to devour the white translucent creatures. The ship is shown lifting off as the humanoids’ flesh is left to break apart, loosing their DNA on earth’s eco system like exploding seed pods.]
PJ McQuade, Prometheus (re)Bound (2012)

00:05:00,000 -- 00:05:07,000
Titles: Isle of Skye, 2089
[Flash forward 35000 years to an archaeological dig in the Scotland. Elizabeth Shaw has just broken through into a cave, she calls for Holloway to come and look at her findings, they gaze in wonder at cave paintings etched into the cave]
00:05:26,200 -- 00:05:29,200
Shaw: Get Charlie.

00:05:38,900 -- 00:05:41,900
Dig Assistant: Doctor Holloway!

00:05:43,200 -- 00:05:46,300

00:05:53,500 -- 00:05:57,300
Halloway: What?!
Shaw: Come quick!

00:06:26,500 -- 00:06:31,500
Halloway: Did you date it?
Shaw: 35.000 years, maybe older.

00:06:54,800 -- 00:06:58,000
Halloway: I've never seen anything like it.
Shaw: I have...

00:07:00,000 -- 00:07:03,100
Halloway: Well, of course, the stacked composition and idealized figure are both common tropes.. We've all seen things like this, but this site is so isolated and so remarkably early. After all, hierarchical scaling are usually the trappings of empire...

00:07:03,700 -- 00:07:08,100
Shaw: No I mean I've seen this; this exact same configuration; THAT constellation. I've seen it twice before - thought it was a coincidence. Only this's got to predate the others, by a millennium.

00:07:20,900 -- 00:07:24,600
Halloway: You must be mistaken.
Shaw: No. I don't think I am...
Titles: Prometheus (re)Bound
[on the ship, Prometheus, David checks on the crew who are in hypersleep, he gazes upon Shaw and sees what she's dreaming of, which is from her childhood when she is with her father in a foreign land looking at a funeral procession - we see the dream as David sees, a frantic assessment of points and lines, searching out the most important aspects of the visual data]
00:08:32,700 -- 00:08:37,300
Young Shaw:  ++What happened to that man? ++
Shaw’s Father:  ++He died. ++

00:08:37,301 -- 00:08:40,600
Young Shaw:  ++Why aren't you helping him? ++

00:08:40,601 -- 00:08:45,000
Shaw’s Father:  ++They don't want my help. Their God is different than ours. ++

00:08:46,100 -- 00:08:49,000
Young Shaw:  ++Why did he die? ++

00:08:49,001 -- 00:08:53,000
Shaw’s Father:  ++Sooner or later everyone does. ++
Young Shaw:  ++Like mommy? ++

00:08:54,000 -- 00:08:56,600
Shaw’s Father:  ++Like mommy. ++

00:08:57,000 -- 00:09:00,030
Young Shaw:  ++Where do they go? ++

00:09:00,031 -- 00:09:02,400
Shaw’s Father:  ++Everyone has their own word. ++

00:09:02,401 -- 00:09:06,800
 ++Heaven, Paradise... ++

00:09:06,801 -- 00:09:09,600
Young Shaw:  ++Can she see us? ++

00:09:09,601 -- 00:09:13,200
Shaw’s Father:  ++No, I don't thinks so darling. ++
Young Shaw: Why not?
00:09:13,201 -- 00:09:17,201
 ++Because then it wouldn't be Paradise. ++
 [On board Prometheus]
00:09:50,800 -- 00:09:53,700
Automatic Voice:  ++Good morning, David. ++

00:09:53,900 -- 00:09:57,100
David:  ++Transmitting message. ++

00:09:58,600 -- 00:10:00,900
Automatic Voice:  ++No response. ++

00:10:10,000 -- 00:10:13,000
Video Tutor: Whilst this manner of articulation is attested indeed in the

00:10:13,001 -- 00:10:16,700
Indo-European descendants as a purely paralinguistic form,

00:10:16,701 -- 00:10:22,200
it is phonemic in the ancestral form dating back five millennium or more.

00:10:22,201 -- 00:10:24,700
Now let's attempt Schleicher's Fable.

00:10:24,701 -- 00:10:26,900
Repeat after me:

00:10:38,500 -- 00:10:40,600
[as the crew are in hypersleep, we see David pass the time by bouncing a basketball around, riding a bicycle, taking language lesson, watching Lawrence of Arabia and bleaching his hair to look like Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia, and repeating lines from the movie]
00:10:40,601 -- 00:10:44,800
LoA:  ++Mr. Lawrence? - Yes?
- Flimsey, sir. - Thank you. ++

00:10:52,000 -- 00:10:55,500
 ++You'll do that once too often. It's only flesh and blood. ++

00:10:55,501 -- 00:10:58,600
 ++Michael George Hartley, you're a philosopher. ++

00:10:58,601 -- 00:11:01,200
 ++And you're balmy! ++

00:11:04,100 -- 00:11:08,500
 ++Ow! It damn well hurts.
- Certainly, it hurts! ++

00:11:08,501 -- 00:11:10,600
 ++Well, what's the trick then? ++

00:11:10,601 -- 00:11:14,600
 ++The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts. ++

00:11:14,601 -- 00:11:21,600
David: The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.

00:11:47,500 -- 00:11:54,500
Automatic Voice:  ++Attention! Destination threshold. ++

00:11:54,800 -- 00:11:58,000
Automatic Voice:  ++Attention! Destination threshold. ++
 [as Prometheus reaches their destination, David finds Vickers awake from hypersleep, looking wet and doing push ups. She is obviously healthy, in fighting trim.]
00:12:59,800 -- 00:13:02,300
Vickers: Robe.

00:13:12,000 -- 00:13:14,000
How long?

00:13:14,001 -- 00:13:17,700
David: 2 years, 4 months, 18 days, 36 hours, 15 minutes...

00:13:17,701 -- 00:13:20,600
Vickers: How long have the others been up?
David: You are the only one "up", ma'am.

00:13:20,601 -- 00:13:25,000
Vickers: Is there a problem?
David: No ma'am, everyone's fine.

00:13:26,100 -- 00:13:28,700
Vickers: Well, then wake them up.
 [as the ship's crew are all awakening from hypersleep, we see David comforting Shaw as she's throws up]
00:13:39,300 -- 00:13:42,400
David: Try to relax Dr. Shaw.

00:13:42,401 -- 00:13:45,200
My name is David.

00:13:45,201 -- 00:13:47,900
Your mind and body are in the state of shock,

00:13:47,901 -- 00:13:52,400
as a result of stasis. All that is perfectly normal.

00:13:52,401 -- 00:13:56,700
Halloway: Ellie, you did it, we're here.

00:14:01,900 -- 00:14:06,400
Automatic Voice:  ++Drink plenty of water, drink plenty of fluids. ++

00:14:06,401 -- 00:14:09,000
Automatic Voice:  ++Hydration aids muscle mass. ++
[Meredith Vickers, her hair lacquered and dressed in a crisp grey business suit, enters the Mess to find Captain Janek smoking a cigar and laying out pink and yellow marshmallow Peeps]
00:14:22,400 -- 00:14:25,400
Vickers: What the hell is that?

00:14:26,600 -- 00:14:31,000
Janek: It's Easter, need a holiday to show time is still moving.

00:14:31,001 -- 00:14:34,000
Vickers: Mission briefing is about to start captain.

00:14:34,001 -- 00:14:36,200
You might want to make your way down.

00:14:36,201 -- 00:14:38,600
Janek: The crew hasn't had breakfast yet. Some of us need to eat.
 [as the crew are eating and making small talk, Millburn sits opposite Fifield]
00:14:38,601 -- 00:14:44,300
Millburn: Is this seat taken? I'm Millburn, biology, nice to meet you.

00:14:49,000 -- 00:14:53,700
Fifield: No offence, but, I've been asleep two years.

00:14:53,701 -- 00:14:56,600
I'm generally not good company ‘till have my second cup of coffee.

00:14:56,601 -- 00:15:00,900
Seriously. Stop fucking looking at me.

00:15:02,700 -- 00:15:04,700
Millburn: OK.
 [the crew assemble for the mission briefing, which Vickers begins]
00:15:04,701 -- 00:15:07,800
Chance: I bet a hundred credits it's a terraforming survey.

00:15:07,801 -- 00:15:10,700
Ravel: If it's a survey, they would just tell us.This is flagship. Why not send a tug with platform and a bunch of religious nuts? Why tap Janek in particular to fly it? Come on. You’re an idiot, this is a high priority corporate run.

00:15:10,701 -- 00:15:15,000
Chance: A hundred Credits says I’m a fucking genius and this is a terraforming survey.
Ravel: Alright, you're on.

00:15:19,600 -- 00:15:23,800
Halloway: You look nervous, Ellie.
Shaw: Trying to keep my feet on the ground.

00:15:23,801 -- 00:15:26,400
Halloway: I know you are.
Vickers: Good morning.

00:15:26,401 -- 00:15:29,800
For those of you I hired personally,

00:15:29,801 -- 00:15:32,200
it's nice to see you again.

00:15:32,201 -- 00:15:37,000
For the rest of you, I am Meredith Vickers and it's my job to make sure you do yours.

00:15:37,100 -- 00:15:40,800
OK then, on with the show.
 [David brings up a hologram of an elderly Peter Weyland, who addresses the crew in a pre-recorded message]
00:15:45,100 -- 00:15:49,500
Announcer:  ++Weyland Corporation, building better worlds. ++

00:15:50,500 -- 00:15:53,300
Weyland: Hello friends.

00:15:54,100 -- 00:15:57,100
My name is Peter Weyland.

00:15:57,900 -- 00:16:00,100
I am your employer.

00:16:00,101 -- 00:16:04,000
I am recording this 22, June, 2091.

00:16:04,001 -- 00:16:08,500
If you're watching it, you have reached your destination.

00:16:08,501 -- 00:16:11,300
And my reign is long over.

00:16:11,301 -- 00:16:13,900
This mission is my final act as the head of Weyland Industries. My last request.

00:16:13,901 -- 00:16:17,700
There's a man sitting with you today, his name is David.

00:16:17,701 -- 00:16:20,800
He is the closest thing to a son I will ever have.

00:16:20,801 -- 00:16:27,100
Unfortunately he is not human, he will never grow old, and he will never die.

00:16:27,500 -- 00:16:31,600
Yet he is unable to appreciate these remarkable gifts,

00:16:31,601 -- 00:16:36,300
for that would require the one thing that David will never have.

00:16:36,301 -- 00:16:38,500
A soul.

00:16:38,501 -- 00:16:42,900
I have spent my entire lifetime contemplating these questions.

00:16:42,901 -- 00:16:46,800
Where do we come from? What is our purpose?

00:16:46,801 -- 00:16:48,900
What happens when you die?

00:16:48,901 -- 00:16:51,000
And I have finally found two people who have convinced me

00:16:51,001 -- 00:16:53,100
they are on the verge of answering them.

00:16:53,400 -- 00:16:57,600
Doctors Holloway and Shaw, if you would please stand.
 [Holloway and Shaw stand]
00:16:58,500 -- 00:17:01,900
I have charged them with fulfilling my last request. As far as you're concerned they are my crown regents; they are in charge.

00:17:01,901 -- 00:17:06,600
The Titan, Prometheus, wanted to give mankind equal footing with the gods,

00:17:06,601 -- 00:17:10,700
for that he was cast from Olympus.

00:17:11,100 -- 00:17:16,400
Well, my friends, the time has finally come for his return.
 [pointing to Shaw and Holloway]
00:17:16,401 -- 00:17:19,600
Doctors, please.
 [Shaw and Holloway stand beside Peter Weyland's hologram]
00:17:21,700 -- 00:17:24,400
Floor is yours.
 [as Weyland's hologram walks off and fades out, Holloway addresses the assembled crew]

00:17:31,100 -- 00:17:33,700
Halloway: Ok...

00:17:34,900 -- 00:17:37,100
Hard act to follow.

00:17:37,101 -- 00:17:41,000
OK, let me show why you guys are here.
 [he holds up a cube places it on the floor and opens up another hologram showing images]
00:17:47,800 -- 00:17:53,200
These are images of archaeological digs, from all over the Earth.
 [pointing to the different images]
00:17:53,201 -- 00:17:57,700
That's Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian, Babylonian,

00:17:57,701 -- 00:18:00,800
that's Hawaiian there at the end, and Mesopotamian.

00:18:00,801 -- 00:18:03,100
This one here, is our discovery.

00:18:03,101 -- 00:18:08,200
It's a 35.000 year old cave painting from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

00:18:08,201 -- 00:18:12,600
These are ancient civilizations, that were separated by centuries,

00:18:12,601 -- 00:18:17,000
they shared no contact with one another, and yet...
 [he gathers the hologram images to line up and he goes through each one]
00:18:19,500 -- 00:18:23,100
We realized, that the same pictogram, showing men worshiping giant beings

00:18:23,101 -- 00:18:28,000
pointing to a constellation of stars, was not a coincidence of archetypes. The very same constellation was reproduced exactly in every last one of them.

00:18:28,200 -- 00:18:31,700
The only galactic system that matched,

00:18:31,701 -- 00:18:35,300
was so far from earth that there's no way that these primitive

00:18:35,301 -- 00:18:38,900
ancient civilizations could have possibly known about.

00:18:38,901 -- 00:18:42,200
But it just so happens,

00:18:42,201 -- 00:18:44,900
that that system,

00:18:44,901 -- 00:18:47,200
has a sun.

00:18:47,201 -- 00:18:49,600
A lot like ours.

00:18:49,601 -- 00:18:54,600
And based on our long range scans, there seems to be a planet.

00:18:55,200 -- 00:19:00,200
Just one planet with a moon capable of sustaining life.

00:19:00,600 -- 00:19:04,000
And we arrived there this morning.

00:19:04,800 -- 00:19:10,900
Fifield: So, you say we're here because of a map, you two kids found in a cave, is that right?

00:19:11,100 -- 00:19:14,000
Shaw: No.
Halloway: Yes.

00:19:14,800 -- 00:19:19,900
Halloway: No, not a map, an invitation.
Millburn: From whom?

00:19:20,300 -- 00:19:24,600
Shaw: We called them engineers.
Fifield: Engineers?

00:19:24,601 -- 00:19:29,700
Do you mind telling us what they engineered?

00:19:30,000 -- 00:19:33,600
Shaw: We believe they engineered us.

00:19:34,500 -- 00:19:37,800
Fifield: Bullshit.

00:19:39,700 -- 00:19:42,500
Millburn: Do you have anything to back that up?

00:19:42,501 -- 00:19:47,900
Fifield: Who invited Giorgio Tsoukalos?
Millburn: Antisocial has a point, only if you're willing to discount 3 centuries of Darwinism that's... Wah! But how do you know?

00:19:49,200 -- 00:19:53,500
Shaw: I don't.

00:19:53,501 -- 00:19:57,300
But it's what I believe, and Peter Weyland shared that belief.
 [Shaw and Holloway are stopped by David in the corridor after the meeting breaks up]
00:20:23,200 -- 00:20:25,600
David: Doctors?

00:20:25,601 -- 00:20:30,600
Miss Vickers would like to have a quick word, before the adventure begins.
 [David opens the door to Vickers quarters]
00:20:37,200 -- 00:20:40,100
Halloway: Is this a separate module?

00:20:40,101 -- 00:20:43,000
David: Yes it is actually. It has its own self-contained life support.

00:20:43,001 -- 00:20:48,800
Air, food, anything miss Vickers would need to survive hostile environment.

00:20:48,801 -- 00:20:55,400
Halloway: Not much of a show of faith. Should we be worried?
[as they are looking around her chamber, Vickers walks in from behind them]
Vickers: I like to minimize risk.

00:20:55,401 -- 00:20:59,600
David, why don't you make the doctors a drink?

00:20:59,601 -- 00:21:02,800
I'll take a vodka, up.

00:21:02,801 -- 00:21:06,800
Shaw: Charlie look, it's a Pauling Med-Pod. I thought these were only going to be made available to facilities that could demonstrate the greatest need...

00:21:07,200 -- 00:21:10,600
Vickers: Miss Shaw!

00:21:10,601 -- 00:21:13,600
Automatic Voice:  ++Please verbally state the nature of your injury. ++

00:21:13,601 -- 00:21:17,900
Vickers: Please don't touch that. It's a very expensive piece of machinery.

00:21:17,901 -- 00:21:21,700
Shaw: It does bypass surgeries, what do you need it for?

00:21:22,000 -- 00:21:25,900
Vickers: I think there might be some confusion about our relationship.

00:21:25,901 -- 00:21:28,500
Weyland found you impressive enough to fund this mission,

00:21:28,501 -- 00:21:31,750
but I'm fairly certain your "engineers" are nothing but scribblings

00:21:31,751 -- 00:21:35,000
of savages living in dirty little caves.

00:21:35,001 -- 00:21:39,100
But let's say I'm wrong, and you do find these beings down there.

00:21:39,101 -- 00:21:41,700
You won't engage them.

00:21:41,701 -- 00:21:47,000
You won't talk to them, you will do nothing but report it back to me.

00:21:49,400 -- 00:21:54,200
Halloway: Miss Vickers, we were told that we are in charge, that this is our mission.

00:21:54,201 -- 00:21:57,700
Vickers: My company paid a trillion dollars to find this place and to bring you here.

00:21:57,701 -- 00:22:00,800
Had you raised the money yourself Mr. Holloway,

00:22:00,801 -- 00:22:03,900
we'd happily be pursuing your, agenda.

00:22:04,700 -- 00:22:06,700
But you didn't.

00:22:06,701 -- 00:22:09,800
And that makes you an employee. So we will pursue my agenda: minimize risk.
 [Holloway laughs and takes the drink that David offers them]
00:22:10,300 -- 00:22:15,000
Shaw: If we can't make contact, why did you even bring us here?

00:22:15,001 -- 00:22:18,300
Vickers: Weyland was a superstitious man.

00:22:18,600 -- 00:22:22,300
He wanted true believers on board.
 [she takes the drink offered by David]
00:22:23,300 -- 00:22:26,000
[Holloway leans over studying a golden holographic image of the message David composed and sent to the planet in advance of Prometheus’ arrival]
00:22:28,000 -- 00:22:31,200
Halloway: So no response?
David: I am sorry, no.

00:22:31,201 -- 00:22:34,600
Halloway: Maybe they didn't understand it.

00:22:34,601 -- 00:22:37,900
How are your lessons going, David?

00:22:37,901 -- 00:22:43,300
David: I spent two years deconstructing dozens of ancient languages, to their roots.

00:22:43,301 -- 00:22:45,600
If they once communicated with us, I'm confident I can communicate with them,

00:22:45,601 -- 00:22:49,100
provided your thesis is correct.

00:22:49,101 -- 00:22:51,200
Halloway: Provided it's correct, that's good.

00:22:51,201 -- 00:22:55,100
David: That's why they call it a thesis, doctor.
[Shaw and David exchange smiles, Holloway sees Shaw’s]
00:22:57,200 -- 00:23:00,300
Halloway: What are you smiling about?
Janek: Alright, Mr. Ravel, Mr. Chance, let's take her down.

00:23:00,301 -- 00:23:03,300
Ravel: Roger that.
Chance: Yes captain.

00:23:04,800 -- 00:23:08,300
Janek: How are we doing?
Ravel:  Great.

00:23:08,600 -- 00:23:12,600
Chance: Alright boss.
[as they get ready to enter the atmosphere of the planet]
Janek: All personnel, this is the captain. Brace for entry.

00:23:12,601 -- 00:23:15,600
Ravel: Yes captain.

00:23:15,601 -- 00:23:19,000
Janek: That means you too Vickers.
 [everyone takes their seats and buckles themselves in]
00:23:27,000 -- 00:23:29,000
Janek: What is the atmosphere?

00:23:29,001 -- 00:23:34,200
Ravel: Atmosphere is 71% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, traces of unknown gas.

00:23:34,201 -- 00:23:37,300
Janek: Whoa, now that's weather.
[Holloway turns to Ford as he buckles himself into his seat]
Holloway: Just like home.

00:23:37,301 -- 00:23:39,900
Ford: Only if you're breathing through an exhaust pipe.

00:23:39,901 -- 00:23:45,400
CO2 is over 3%. Two minutes without a suite, you're dead.
 [as they get nearer to the planet, Ford looks at her monitor]
00:23:47,400 -- 00:23:53,300
Ford: Peak, port side, 52.000. Makes Everest look like a baby brother.
Holloway: [looking at the landscape] Grey Town.

00:23:53,301 -- 00:23:55,800
Janek: Alright, take us round.

00:23:55,801 -- 00:23:59,000
We will use that as our point of entry.

00:23:59,600 -- 00:24:06,000
Terrain data rising up. We've got a couple of hard spots. Could be metal.

00:24:25,800 -- 00:24:30,500
Ravel: No radio, no heat source.
Millburn: Nobody's home.
 [David quotes a line from Lawrence of Arabia]
00:24:30,501 -- 00:24:35,300
David: “There's nothing in the desert. No man needs nothing.”

00:24:35,301 -- 00:24:40,100
Ford: What was that?
David: Just something from a film I like.
David: What is that?
Ford: Just something from a story I like.

00:24:44,200 -- 00:24:49,100
Janek: Let's go through that gateway.
Reduce air speed by 100 knots.

00:24:52,400 -- 00:24:56,200
Going through, nice and slow.

00:25:01,000 -- 00:25:03,700
Keep her steady boys.
[suddenly Holloway spots something]
Halloway: There.

00:25:03,701 -- 00:25:05,800
Shaw: What are you doing?

00:25:05,801 -- 00:25:08,700
Janek: Doctor Holloway why don't you take a seat?!

00:25:09,800 -- 00:25:12,800
Halloway: Right there. God does not build in straight lines.

00:25:12,801 -- 00:25:16,900
Starboard side, this valley! Captain, do you think you can put us down there?

00:25:16,901 -- 00:25:22,900
Janek: I’m assuming Mrs. Vickers didn't hire me to fly this ship because I'm pretty. Mr. Ravel. Starboard 90 degrees. One mile, port bow.

00:25:27,500 -- 00:25:31,000
Chance: One mile, port bow.

00:25:31,001 -- 00:25:33,600
Janek: Engage landing sequence. Switch to manual.

00:25:33,601 -- 00:25:38,500
Easy does it. Yeah baby, yeah.

00:25:40,000 -- 00:25:44,800
Putting her down in 5, 4...

00:25:47,000 -- 00:25:49,900
2, easy does it.

00:26:23,400 -- 00:26:27,000
Halloway: Captain, would you please tell the survey team to suit up? And meet us in the air lock.

00:26:27,001 -- 00:26:30,400
Janek: There's only 6 hours left of daylight. Why don't you leave it 'till the morning?

00:26:30,401 -- 00:26:34,500
Halloway: No, no, it's Easter captain,

00:26:34,501 -- 00:26:36,800
and I want my egg hunt.
 [he turns and point to David and Ford]
00:26:36,801 -- 00:26:41,500
Halloway: You, boy, you're coming with us.
David: I'd be delighted.
[as they are getting ready to go outside, Shaw notices one of the crew is holding a large looking weapon]
00:26:51,400 -- 00:26:54,500
Shaw: Hey Jackson, what's that for?

00:26:54,600 -- 00:27:00,000
Jackson: Expedition security. My job is to make sure everybody's nice and safe.

00:27:00,500 -- 00:27:04,000
Shaw: This is a scientific expedition, no weapons.

00:27:04,001 -- 00:27:07,500
Jackson: Alright then. Good luck with that.

00:27:09,500 -- 00:27:12,900
Halloway: David, why are you wearing a suit?

00:27:12,901 -- 00:27:16,800
David: I beg your pardon?
Halloway: You don't breathe, remember?

00:27:16,801 -- 00:27:18,900
So, why wear a suit?

00:27:18,901 -- 00:27:22,500
David: I was designed like this because you people are

00:27:22,501 -- 00:27:26,100
more comfortable interacting with your own kind.

00:27:26,400 -- 00:27:30,800
David: But to answer your question Dr. Holloway, the suits also act as barriers - my suit prevents me from contaminating the ship with anything I might come in contact with on the surface.

00:27:30,801 -- 00:27:35,700
Halloway: They built you guys close, huh?
David: Not too close I hope.
 [as the team is sent out to investigate the large dome shaped structure that Holloway had noticed earlier]
00:28:17,600 -- 00:28:21,000
Halloway: This is just one small step for mankind.

00:28:21,001 -- 00:28:23,600
Shaw: Seriously?
[he holds her head close to his letting their helmets touch, he turns and sits opposite Fifield]
00:28:27,600 -- 00:28:31,200
Halloway: Come on! You ready to do this?! I know you are.
 [Fifield ignores him]
00:28:40,600 -- 00:28:42,999
Halloway: Fifield, I want a spectrograph on that structure,

00:28:43,000 -- 00:28:45,400
I want to know if it's natural or somebody put it there, alright?

00:28:45,401 -- 00:28:51,200
Fifield: I can't tell you if it's natural or not, but what I can tell you is, it's hollow.

00:29:14,500 -- 00:29:18,600
Shaw: Prometheus, are you seeing this?

00:29:18,601 -- 00:29:21,900
Janek: Affirmative, we see you.

00:29:28,500 -- 00:29:32,000
Shaw: Are you ready?
Halloway: Yeah.
Shaw: Let's do it.

00:30:04,400 -- 00:30:07,500
Holloway: After you.
Shaw: After you.

00:30:07,700 -- 00:30:11,700
Halloway: Careful.
Shaw: Prometheus, we're going in.

00:30:11,701 -- 00:30:13,701
Janek: Copy that.

00:30:46,200 -- 00:30:50,500
Holloway: Pause back here, some kind of a corridor.

00:30:50,501 -- 00:30:55,600
Holloway: Mr. Fifield, let's get a grid of the structure, I want the whole interior.

00:30:55,601 -- 00:30:58,000
Fifield: If there's anything in here worth looking at, these pups will find them.

00:30:58,001 -- 00:31:02,800
Holloway: Pups?
[Fifield holds up drone globes]
Fifield: Yeah, my pups.
[Fifield throws the two spheres in the air, the two take flight in separate directions, spraying the pyramid’s interior with red laser light]
00:31:15,400 -- 00:31:18,800
Prometheus, we are now mapping.

00:31:22,100 -- 00:31:24,700
Janek: Copy that.
[back on Prometheus, Janek, Vickers and the rest of the crew watch as the hologram of the map of the interior begins to take shape]
00:31:35,700 -- 00:31:38,800
Janek: I'll be damned. Fifield, you got a reading?

00:31:51,100 -- 00:31:54,600
Fifield: Yeah.

00:31:54,601 -- 00:31:58,800
Judging by what Pups are showing, I’d say this way.
[as they reach an area of the structure that has water streaming down and the sun shining through the open ceiling]
00:32:16,000 -- 00:32:18,800
Holloway: Look at this.

00:32:24,800 -- 00:32:28,000
Shaw: Oh Charlie...

00:32:30,500 -- 00:32:34,200
Ford: Jesus, sunlight's heating the water. Check out the humidity.

00:32:34,201 -- 00:32:38,100
Holloway: Yeah, look at the CO2 levels.

00:32:38,101 -- 00:32:43,000
Outside it's completely toxic, and in here there's nothing.

00:32:43,001 -- 00:32:45,600
It's breathable.
 [as Holloway prepares to take off his helmet]
00:32:46,000 -- 00:32:49,000
Shaw: What are you doing? Charlie, don't be an idiot.

00:32:49,001 -- 00:32:54,100
Holloway: Don't be a sceptic. There's something generating an atmosphere, David?

00:32:54,101 -- 00:32:57,300
David: Dr. Holloway is correct.
Ford: Cleaner than ours, actually. But...

00:32:57,301 -- 00:33:00,300
Holloway: They were terraforming here.
Shaw: Please, don't do...

00:33:00,301 -- 00:33:03,000
Holloway: Ellie, I'm not wearing this thing anymore. Wish me luck babe.

00:33:03,001 -- 00:33:07,600
Vickers:  ++- Do you copy, do not remove your head gear. ++
[Holloway cracks helmet's seal]

00:33:23,700 -- 00:33:27,100
Shaw: Charlie!
Millburn: Dr. Holloway there is no way to tell what sort of organisms you might be exposing yourself to if you do that. Viruses and prions can survives dormant for eons. Even if you don't believe in Darwinism, I'm assuming you still get sick..
[Holloway reseals helmet]
00:33:30,400 -- 00:33:33,749
David: Prometheus we are leaving our helmets on.

00:33:37,101 -- 00:33:40,000
Janek:  ++Copy that. ++
[back on the bridge Chance gives Ravel a knowing look]
00:33:40,800 -- 00:33:43,800
Chance: Well come on, pay up.

00:33:43,801 -- 00:33:46,700
Ravel: Pay what?
Chance: What do you mean "pay what"?

00:33:46,701 -- 00:33:49,100
Something's manufacturing breathable air down there.

00:33:49,101 -- 00:33:53,100
That means it's terraforming.
Ravel: No, no, the bet was why we came here.

00:33:53,101 -- 00:33:56,500
If you said that that old man wanted to talk to martians, then I'd pay

00:33:56,501 -- 00:33:59,000
Chance: Oh come on, a hundred
credits, put it towards

00:33:59,001 -- 00:34:01,500
a lap dance of Ms. Vickers, how about that?
[survey team moves proceeds down massive curving corridor within the  Pyramid]
00:34:02,700 -- 00:34:05,300
Ford: It's minus 12 in here.

00:34:05,301 -- 00:34:09,600
Millburn: So why is this water not frozen?
Fifield: Maybe it ain’t water.

00:34:09,601 -- 00:34:12,300
Millburn: Maybe it's martian piss.

00:34:12,301 -- 00:34:18,500
Fifield: That's your, scientific theory? Is it, Mr. Biology?

00:34:22,400 -- 00:34:28,500
Ford: Well, whatever it is it sure is clean.
[David finds a residue of glittering the green slime]
00:34:47,100 -- 00:34:49,300
David: Impressive.
[after David comes across some large cuneiform markings and activates what seems to be a kind of ship's log. He touches them and seizes up as if in a state of tetanuss. His helmet begins to glow an opaque yellow, exactly the way the his faceplate did when watching Shaw’s dream.The crew hear a hollow scream coming from the corridors]
00:35:07,800 -- 00:35:11,700
Millburn: What was that?
Shaw: David?
[One of Fifield’s “pups” freeze its forward progress, its red scanning lasers replaced by golden projections, like those Davide had shown holloway and Shaw. The Pup reverses, its lasers now projecting golden holograms of a dozen giant humanoid aliens running through the passageway. The ghost-like figures run straight through David, and hurtle towards the crew]
00:35:11,701 -- 00:35:14,300
Fifiield: What the fu..
Shaw: David?!

00:35:17,000 -- 00:35:19,600
Holloway: David?!
[Charlie pushes Eli out of the way as the golden holograms run across the corridors]
00:35:26,600 -- 00:35:28,600
Holloway: Ellie!

00:35:33,000 -- 00:35:37,500
Ford: What the hell was that?
Jackson: Aren't you glad we didn't bring any weapons?

00:35:37,501 -- 00:35:41,200
Fifield: Whose idea was that?!
 [they start running after the holographic humanoid alien images]
Holloway: Keep up!
[as they run after the holographic images of the aliens, one of the holographic images trips and falls and disappears]
00:35:51,200 -- 00:35:54,000
Shaw: Where did he go?
[Holloway moves closer to where the holographic image had fallen]
00:36:05,300 -- 00:36:08,500
Holloway: There it is.
[they find a dead body of an Engineer]
00:36:08,501 -- 00:36:13,200
Shaw: Oh my God, Charlie we found them.

00:36:13,900 -- 00:36:16,300
Holloway: It is them Ellie.
[Holloway moves closer to the Engineers body to inspect it]
00:36:16,301 -- 00:36:22,500
Holloway: Looks like a door, and he's been decapitated by it.
[back on Prometheus, Janek, Vickers and the rest of the crew are watching them on their monitor]
00:36:23,400 -- 00:36:26,700
Vickers: Son of a bitch.

00:36:26,701 -- 00:36:29,600
They were right.

00:36:31,500 -- 00:36:34,600
Jenek: Did you want them to be wrong?
[after finding the decapitated Engineers body, they find more markings on the wall. David has recovered and no one seems to have noticed he was hijacked along with the two pups]
00:36:37,300 -- 00:36:41,600
Holloway: David, please tell me you can read that.

00:36:41,601 -- 00:36:44,100
David: Perhaps.

00:36:45,000 -- 00:36:48,600
[Fifield studying his wrist display and tapping it, as if to regain control of his errant pups.]
Fifield: I'm going to keep moving.
[Still looking a bit confused, he turns to leave.]
00:36:48,601 -- 00:36:52,000
Shaw: Fifield, where are you going?
Fifield: Look, I'm just a geologist, I like rocks. [gesturing to Holloway] You and Chariots of the Gods don’t need a geologist to pursue your pseudo-science.

00:36:52,001 -- 00:36:55,000
Halloway: What? Did you not...

00:36:55,001 -- 00:37:00,600
Fifield: [continuing to address Shaw, but gesturing dismissively to Holloway] This is the find of a lifetime; I’ll give you that. So while you and the Ghostbusters do whatever it is you do, I’d like to do what I do: science. This is obviously some sort of arcology. I can't tell if it was built, grown, or is the product of harnessing some geological force we've never seen before.

00:37:00,601 -- 00:37:03,400
Fifield: All I do know is, this place is blasphemously old, it that it has been here since before the earth had a God damn moon.

00:37:06,901 -- 00:37:12,800
Fifield: And since I don't really have anything to contribute in the gigantic dead body arena. I'm gonna keep on moving, if you don't mind.

00:37:12,801 -- 00:37:17,900
Ford: you can't wander off alone.
[Fifield glances at Ford, his face betraying a flicker of doubt before quickly regaining his bravado, turns to face the others]
00:37:19,900 -- 00:37:24,300
Fifield: Anyone want to join me?
[to Millburn]
You staying?

00:37:24,800 -- 00:37:28,900
Millburn: I'll go with him.
[to Shaw]
Where there are corpses, there might also be life.
Fifield: Very good.
[to Holloway]
Congratulations on meeting your maker.

00:37:28,901 -- 00:37:35,100
Holloway: [to Fifield, as he turns to inspect the dead Engineers body] Don't get lost - your “pups” seem to be a bit glitchy.

00:37:35,101 -- 00:37:38,900
Fifield: [to Holloway as he and Millburn start walking off] Pull yourself the fuck together man. We have the same GPS system as all of you, and whatever hijacked the pup, it wasn’t a fucking “glitch,” but it doesn’t seemed to have damaged them or the maps. They’re still mapping. We'll be fine.

00:37:40,100 -- 00:37:43,100
Millburn: [to Fifield, as they depart] I thought you were the crazy one.

00:37:50,700 -- 00:37:53,900
Shaw: Do you have the carbon reader?
[Holloway gives her the reader]
00:37:54,500 -- 00:37:57,400
Thank you.

00:38:02,700 -- 00:38:05,800
Holloway: How long has it been dead?

00:38:06,300 -- 00:38:10,300
Shaw: Two thousand years, give or take.
[as David is touching the markings on the wall]
00:38:12,400 -- 00:38:15,000
Shaw: What are you doing David?

00:38:15,001 -- 00:38:17,800
David: I'm attempting to open the door.

00:38:17,801 -- 00:38:20,600
Shaw: Wait, we don't know what's on the other side.
[suddenly the door opens]
00:38:21,400 -- 00:38:24,900
David: Oops, sorry.

00:38:27,300 -- 00:38:31,100
Shaw: Look Ford, it's the head.

00:38:39,600 -- 00:38:42,900
Ford: An amazing state of preservation.

00:38:42,901 -- 00:38:46,600
Shaw: We'll take it in.
[looking around the room he's just opened, David notices a bunch of metal jars and a large human looking statue]
00:38:48,800 -- 00:38:52,300
David: Remarkably human.
[as they all look up at the statue, no one notices the small wriggling insect like beings wriggling on the floor, David notices the mural on the walls]
00:39:08,000 -- 00:39:11,000
David: Beautiful painting.

00:39:11,001 -- 00:39:14,300
Shaw: It's a mural.
[David walks closer to one of the jars and tries to examine it]
00:39:24,800 -- 00:39:28,700
Shaw: Stop, stop, don't touch it.
David: Sorry.

00:39:29,100 -- 00:39:32,000
Shaw: Please, don't touch anything.

00:39:32,001 -- 00:39:34,301
David: It's sweating.

00:40:11,500 -- 00:40:14,500
David: Organic... Dr. Millburn will regret not sticking around a little longer.
[Shaw moves closer to inspect the mural]
0040:19,300 -- 00:40:23,500
Shaw: Oh no, Charlie the murals are changing.

00:40:23,501 -- 00:40:26,000
I think we've averted the atmosphere in the room.

00:40:26,001 -- 00:40:28,900
Shaw:  ++Charlie, do you copy? ++

00:40:28,901 -- 00:40:33,900
Shaw: Overhead, Ford quick,
help me bag the head.
 [they quickly go to take the Engineers head]
00:40:43,600 -- 00:40:46,500
Chance: Boss?
Janek:  ++- What you got? ++

00:40:46,501 -- 00:40:49,900
Chance: We got an incoming storm front, silica and

00:40:49,901 -- 00:40:54,300
Chance:  ++lots of static, this is not good. ++
Janek: I see it.

00:40:56,700 -- 00:40:58,800
Janek:  ++Ground crew this is Janek. ++

00:40:58,801 -- 00:41:01,300
 ++Need you to hustle back right now. ++

00:41:01,301 -- 00:41:03,499
 ++Ground crew, do you copy? I got 200 km ++

00:41:03,500 -- 00:41:07,700
 ++winds of airborne silica and enough static

00:41:07,701 -- 00:41:11,100
Shaw: Copy that sir, but we need more time here.

00:41:11,101 -- 00:41:14,000
Vickers: I'll be closing the outer doors in 15 minutes.

00:41:14,001 -- 00:41:17,100
 ++I sincerely hope you can make it. ++

00:41:18,600 -- 00:41:23,600
Shaw: Charlie, David, we must leave now!

00:41:24,500 -- 00:41:28,500
Holloway: This is just another tomb.

00:41:30,800 -- 00:41:33,400

00:41:36,700 -- 00:41:38,700
Let's go!

00:41:43,700 -- 00:41:47,100
David, we are leaving!

00:41:55,900 -- 00:41:58,900
Come on! Damn it, they've already taken off.
[they rush out and drive to the ship]
00:41:58,901 -- 00:42:01,300
Come on, let's go.

00:42:01,301 -- 00:42:04,800
 ++Prometheus to ground crew, you're running out of time. ++

00:42:04,801 -- 00:42:07,300
Come on.

00:42:21,700 -- 00:42:24,400
Drive faster!
[just as they make it to the ship they drop the head]
00:42:46,900 -- 00:42:49,300
Shaw: Charlie, the head!
[Shaw goes to retrieve it but is blown away by the storm]

00:42:49,301 -- 00:42:52,200
Holloway: Ellie stop! What are you doing?!

00:43:01,000 -- 00:43:03,000

00:43:03,001 -- 00:43:05,300
Ellie hold on!

00:43:05,700 -- 00:43:08,300
Goddamn it.
 ++- Close it! ++

00:44:14,400 -- 00:44:16,800
Got it.
[as Holloway goes after her he's also blown away, David manages to rescue them by using a winch]
00:44:21,400 -- 00:44:23,400
 ++Decontamination at level 3. ++

00:44:23,401 -- 00:44:25,500
Holloway: What was that Ellie?

00:44:25,501 -- 00:44:27,650
You could have compromised the entire mission,

00:44:27,651 -- 00:44:29,800
not to mention almost killing yourself!

00:44:29,801 -- 00:44:34,500
David: Are you alright?
Shaw: Yes, thank you David.

00:44:34,501 -- 00:44:36,600
David: My pleasure.

00:44:36,601 -- 00:44:40,800
Janek: Alright doctors, it's real good to have you back, but where is Millburn and Fifield?

00:44:40,801 -- 00:44:44,000
 ++Aren't they back yet? ++

00:44:44,001 -- 00:44:46,500
Janek: Kick them up for me.

00:44:48,400 -- 00:44:53,900
Millburn: We've been here before Fifield.
Fifield: I mapped this place Double-Dumb-Ass. Besides use your eyes, these structures are different than any of the others we have seen, much older - and if I didn’t know better, I’d say biological accretion. Like a midden or coral reef, but...

00:44:53,901 -- 00:44:56,600
Janek:  ++Boys this is the captain, listen up. ++

00:44:56,601 -- 00:45:00,200
Between the static electricity and the wind speed,

00:45:00,201 -- 00:45:03,100
there ain't no safe way to come get you.

00:45:03,101 -- 00:45:07,500
 ++Temperature is dropping rapidly, so conserve your suits’ remaining energy and stay warm. ++

00:45:07,501 -- 00:45:10,700
Till the storm passes.

00:45:10,701 -- 00:45:15,200
Fifield: Captain, can you get a message to Shaggy and Velma?

00:45:15,201 -- 00:45:18,800
 ++....back in their psychedelic van..  ++
Janek: No. I think we got it.

00:45:18,801 -- 00:45:22,100
[Janek and the rest of the crew who heard this laugh]
00:45:22,101 -- 00:45:24,400
Fifield: Copy?
Janek:  ++- Copy that. ++

00:45:24,401 -- 00:45:29,100
Alright boys, keep your heads down and we'll come get you in the morning. I'll stay with you on the comm till then.
[in a lab on Prometheus, Shaw begins examining the Engineer's head]
00:45:46,900 -- 00:45:52,300
Ford: Sample is inert, no contagion present.
Shaw: David.
[at that moment Vickers enters the lab]
00:45:54,100 -- 00:45:57,400
Vickers: So are they all dead?

00:45:57,401 -- 00:46:01,900
Shaw: What? Who?
Vickers: Your engineers. Are they all dead or aren't they?

00:46:01,901 -- 00:46:07,000
Shaw: I don't know, we just got here.

00:46:07,001 -- 00:46:09,201
Shaw: Scan.
[to Vickers]
00:46:10,200 -- 00:46:14,500
Shaw: Do you even care if they're all dead?
Vickers: Weyland cared.
[as Ford looks at the alien's head scan image]
00:46:14,501 -- 00:46:18,300
Ford: Dr. Shaw, have a look at this.
[Shaw looks at the monitor showing image of the scan from the alien head]
00:46:21,300 -- 00:46:26,400
Shaw: That looks like the top of a second skull nestled inside the first. Could it be a helmet? Some sort of bio-tech...
Ford: No. How do you explain the brain then? Why put a brain in a helmet? And that is a colossal amount of gray matter. Even if we were looking at the skull of a twelve-foot tall human, its brain would be would be proportionally much larger than ours. The structure definitely not human though - a single lobe, and these massive nerve clusters leading to those eye sockets - although these don’t look at all like ocular nerves, nor do they terminate in anything remotely like the remnants of eyes, just withered ganglia. Perhaps they’re not eye sockets at all, but some sort of olfactory organ? Then there is this  corpus callosum-like material at the brainstem - possibly a connection to the smaller skull? some sort of secondary or hind-brain arrangement?
Shaw: Let's see if we can lift it up and separate the two.

00:46:26,401 -- 00:46:31,000
Ford: Should be able to pry this open.

00:46:31,001 -- 00:46:35,100
Shaw: It's too heavy for us, David?
[David walks over to pry the skull open, notices the in the effort to separate the parts, Shaw’s paper clean suit has pulled away from her glove and that there is glittering green slime on the skin of her wrist exactly like what he found earlier. He sees that it has come from the base on the base of the skull, but chooses to say nothing]
00:46:40,400 -- 00:46:44,300
Shaw: Careful.
David: It's no use, it's fused.
[turning head over to expose severed neck, and the slime]
00:46:57,700 -- 00:47:02,400
Ford: [not noticing the slime] Is that branching part of a brainstem?
David: The flesh is leathery, astonishing flexibility retained in places... could these pentagonal cells be some sort of eye?
[Shaw and Ford turning away, Vickers following David’s line of sight notices the glittering green slime]
Vickers: What’s this green material?
[David feigns surprise]
00:47:06,001 -- 00:47:08,001
David: I’ve never seen anything like it.
[Vickers looks closer, then pulls away in horror]
[Shaw and Ford, tuning back around don’t see the change in Vickers]
00:47:08,002 -- 00:47:10,500
Shaw: Can we run a stim line into that callosum-like structure?
Ford: OK...
[still looking at the slime, Vickers’ expression contorts in disgust and fear]
00:47:10,501 -- 00:47:14,600
Vickers: Sterilize it.
Ford: Its nervous system is intact...
Vickers: Burn it!
[wild eyed, a thick line of drool slipping from her gaping mouth, Vickers hands begin to cartwheel in the direction of the skull]
00:47:54,700 -- 00:47:57,900
Shaw: Ford...
Ford: There's something wrong.
Shaw: Vickers, stop it!
[Vickers rushes violently at the controls]
00:47:57,901 -- 00:48:02,000
Ford: David, contain it now!
Vickers: Make it... BURN IT!
[David contains the head in an glass shield just as Vickers triggers an explosion of flame that destroys the head. They all watch in shock as Vickers struggles to regain her composure]
00:48:23,500 -- 00:48:26,100
David: Mortal after all.
[Shaw, shaken by the outburst]
00:48:32,500 -- 00:48:35,100
Shaw: Ford take a sample.

00:48:35,101 -- 00:48:37,200
Let's have a look. Unless Ms. Vickers has an objection?
 [we see David wearing a helmet and it seems like he is communicating with someone]
00:48:41,100 -- 00:48:44,100
David: No sir, I will take care of it.
 [there's a short pause as David listens to a reply]
00:48:44,101 -- 00:48:47,500
David: Yes sir I understand, I’m sorry.

00:48:47,501 -- 00:48:51,700
Unfortunately, slightly premature.
[another pause as David listens to the reply again]
00:48:54,200 -- 00:48:57,100
David: Of course sir.
 [David turns, takes off the helmet, walks off down the corridor and sees Vickers, who steps in front of him]
00:49:24,000 -- 00:49:27,000
David: Miss Vickers?
 [Vickers, still looking prim and composed, looks desperate, her eyes are red-rimmed]
00:49:29,600 -- 00:49:34,400
Vickers: What did he say David?
David:  I don't think he'd want me to tell you.
[David steps aside to walk off but Vickers steps in from him again]
00:49:41,200 -- 00:49:46,200
Vickers: What did he say?
David:  I'm sorry, that's confidential.
[suddenly in anger Vickers pushes David against the wall]
00:49:46,201 -- 00:49:52,900
Vickers: So help me God, I will find the cord
that makes you run and I will cut it.

00:49:52,901 -- 00:49:56,200
Vickers: What did he say?

00:49:56,700 -- 00:50:02,500
David: He said: "Try harder".

00:50:02,800 -- 00:50:07,700
Cup of tea, ma'am?
[Vickers shoves David face aside and walks off in anger. Cut to David opening a cooler, then to Shaw and Ford in lab analyzing the alien's DNA]
00:50:21,900 -- 00:50:27,500
Shaw: Genetic view.
Ford: OK. Look at it all - there is an entire ocean’s worth of DNA here. What could it all be for?
Shaw: Shotgun sequence the lot.
 [looking through the microscope]
00:50:35,900 -- 00:50:38,800
 [Cut to David as he begins to examine the vase he'd snuck in, opening it. Cut back to Shaw and Ford studying computer display of alien DNA]
00:50:40,300 -- 00:50:44,200
Ford: Compare it to the Terran gene samples.
Shaw: Yep.

00:50:44,201 -- 00:50:48,500
Ford: Overlay.
Automated Voice:  ++- Processing. ++
[the computer processes the information and finds a match with human DNA]
00:50:49,000 -- 00:50:51,600
Computer:  ++Processing. ++
[Cut to David prying apart contents of vase and examining parts. Cut Back to Shaw and Ford]
00:50:52,200 -- 00:50:55,500
Automated Voice:  ++DNA match. ++
[The DNA of the Engineer is much larger than the human DNA, but display shows a portion of the alien DNA, a tiny fraction of the total, matches the human exactly]
00:50:55,800 -- 00:50:58,800
Shaw: Oh my God...

00:51:17,500 -- 00:51:21,400
It's us, but so much more; it's everything.

00:51:24,300 -- 00:51:27,000
What killed them?
 [David takes a droplet of the black thick liquid substance onto his index finger and looks at it]
00:51:43,900 -- 00:51:47,800
David: Big things have small beginnings.
 [after David takes a sample of the liquid he found in the vase, David finds Holloway in mess looking drunk]
00:51:56,000 -- 00:52:00,500
David: Am I interrupting?
[indicating to the bottle he's holding]
Thought you might be running low.
[David takes a glass from the shelf]
00:52:04,500 -- 00:52:09,300
Holloway: Pour yourself a glass pal.
David: Thank you, but I'm afraid it would be wasted on me.

00:52:09,301 -- 00:52:13,300
Holloway: Right, I almost forgot you're not a real boy.

00:52:15,200 -- 00:52:19,800
David: I'm very sorry that your engineers are all gone, Dr. Holloway.

00:52:23,300 -- 00:52:27,100
Holloway: You think we wasted our time coming here, don't you?

00:52:27,101 -- 00:52:31,500
David: Your question depends on the understanding what you hope to achieve by coming here.

00:52:31,501 -- 00:52:36,500
Holloway: What we hoped to achieve, was to meet our makers, to get answers.

00:52:36,501 -- 00:52:41,300
Why they even made us in the first place.

00:52:42,500 -- 00:52:46,400
David: Why do you think your people made me?

00:52:46,401 -- 00:52:49,400
Holloway: We made you cos we could.

00:52:50,300 -- 00:52:52,900
David: Can you imagine how disappointing would be for you,

00:52:52,901 -- 00:52:56,500
to hear the same thing from your creator?
[Holloway laughs]
00:53:00,500 -- 00:53:03,200
Holloway: I guess it's a good thing you can't be disappointed.

00:53:03,201 -- 00:53:09,000
David: Yes. It's wonderful actually. May I ask you something?

00:53:09,500 -- 00:53:12,600
Holloway: Please do.
David: How far would you go,

00:53:12,601 -- 00:53:17,600
to get what you came all this way for? Your answers? What would you be willing to do?

00:53:18,000 -- 00:53:22,600
Holloway: Anything and everything.

00:53:22,601 -- 00:53:24,901
David: That's worth drinking to, I'd imagine.
[he pours Holloway a drink and as he's about to hand the glass to Holloway he quickly inserts the same index finger that he'd earlier had the droplet of thick black liquid on from the vase, contaminating the drink]
00:53:36,100 -- 00:53:39,500
Holloway: Here's mud in your eye, pal.
 [Holloway downs the entire drink]
00:53:42,300 -- 00:53:44,800
David: Good health.
[as Fifield and Millburn are wandering around in the interior of the structure they're stranded in, they find a large pile of dead Engineer bodies]
00:53:48,600 -- 00:53:52,200
Millburn: It's those things.

00:53:53,500 -- 00:53:56,500
Are they real?

00:53:56,501 -- 00:53:58,900
Fifield: Of course they're real.

00:53:58,901 -- 00:54:05,500
Millburn: Jesus Christ, look at the pile, look how up they are.

00:54:06,500 -- 00:54:10,000
Fifield: Looks like they were running from something.

00:54:10,001 -- 00:54:12,200
Millburn: Don't touch, OK?

00:54:12,201 -- 00:54:16,700
This thing is, opened up from the inside,

00:54:16,701 -- 00:54:19,200
almost like its exploded.

00:54:19,201 -- 00:54:23,900
Fifield: It's like a scene out of some sort of holocaust painting.

00:54:43,300 -- 00:54:47,900
Whatever killed them is long gone, right?
Fifield: How should I know? What kind of biologist are you, for fuck sake?
Millburn: A xenobiologist. I study extremophiles and Zoonosis. I’m not a God Damn cyclops coroner OK? The biggest “alien” anyone has ever seen until now were the microscopic flatworms I found in the ice of Titian. Which, I don’t mind telling you...
[suddenly Janek interrupts from the ship as he starts hearing a pinging signal from the holographic image of the interior of the structure they'd mapped earlier]
00:54:49,000 -- 00:54:53,300
Janek: Where is your position?
Millburn: Prometheus, this is Millburn. We are at 7401477, why?

00:54:53,301 -- 00:54:59,300
Janek: I just got a ping. About one click west of you.

00:54:59,301 -- 00:55:03,700
Millburn: What do you mean, a ping?

00:55:04,700 -- 00:55:08,700
Janek: Whatever that probe is picking up, it's not dead.

00:55:08,701 -- 00:55:11,600
It's reading life form.

00:55:11,601 -- 00:55:16,000
Millburn: What do you mean a "life form"?
Fifield: Is it moving?

00:55:16,001 -- 00:55:19,600
Janek: No, I don't think so.

00:55:19,601 -- 00:55:22,500
Fifield: Captain, you're obviously not seeing what we're seeing down here,

00:55:22,501 -- 00:55:25,200
 ++but if you were, you wouldn't be talking about bloody ping. ++

00:55:25,201 -- 00:55:30,600
Janek: Boys, the signal's been coming in sporadically since Fifiield’s scanners were hijacked.

00:55:31,000 -- 00:55:34,500
Fifield:  ++That's not good to us down here captain! ++

00:55:35,000 -- 00:55:38,700
 ++Is it moving? Are these things moving? ++
 [suddenly Janek notices the pinging noise has stopped]
00:55:41,300 -- 00:55:44,800
Janek: No, it just disappeared actually.

00:55:44,801 -- 00:55:48,900
 ++Must be a glitch - but stay clear just in case. ++
Millburn: What do you mean, "a glitch"?

00:55:48,901 -- 00:55:52,800
Janek: Alright boys, sleep tight. Try not to bugger each other.

00:55:52,801 -- 00:55:57,200
Millburn:  ++- Captain, what do you mean "a glitch"? ++
[Janek ignores them but watches their movements on the monitor]
00:56:15,001 -- 00:56:21,000
Millburn: Maybe the life-form glitch will explain these atoll formations.
Fifield: Not bloody likely - the holocaust maybe... Where are you going?
Janek:  ++Millburn, hold your position. I understand wanting to check this out, but it can wait till morning.” ++
[Fifield, addressing Millburn’s obvious impatience, and gesturing to the heap of bodies]
Fifield: ...not that sitting here is all that great either.
[Shaw records her findings as she watches the holographic images of the Engineers]
00:56:21,001 -- 00:56:25,300
Shaw: Based on the behavior of the subject in these holographic recordings,

00:56:25,301 -- 00:56:28,800
I can't help but wonder, why were they running to the Chamber with the urns?

00:56:28,801 -- 00:56:33,500
Was there an outbreak here? Do the urns have some sort of medical significance?
[Shaw’s cabin, Shaw reading in bed]
00:56:38,000 -- 00:56:42,600
Holloway: You rang, ma'am?
Shaw: I have something important to tell you. What is that?

00:56:42,601 -- 00:56:46,800
Holloway: This is a rose

00:56:46,801 -- 00:56:50,000
that I had frozen with the champagne. I was gonna give it to you

00:56:50,001 -- 00:56:52,800
when we found what we came for.

00:56:52,801 -- 00:56:56,500
Shaw: We did find what we came for. They were here, this is...

00:56:56,501 -- 00:57:02,600
Holloway: The most significant discovery in the history of mankind.

00:57:02,800 -- 00:57:05,700
I know.

00:57:06,100 -- 00:57:09,800
It's incredible, it really is, but...

00:57:09,801 -- 00:57:12,500
I wanted to talk to them.

00:57:12,501 -- 00:57:16,600
Holloway: Don't you want to know why they came?

00:57:16,601 -- 00:57:20,300
Why they abandoned us? I just want answers baby.

00:57:20,301 -- 00:57:25,600
Shaw: We were right Charlie. I have proof.

00:57:26,400 -- 00:57:28,500

00:57:33,300 -- 00:57:36,600
Their genetic material predates ours.

00:57:36,601 -- 00:57:42,100
We come from them.
Holloway: Are you kidding me? - No.

00:57:44,200 -- 00:57:47,100
Holloway: OK.

00:57:48,900 -- 00:57:52,600
I guess you can take your father's cross off now.

00:57:52,601 -- 00:57:55,900
Shaw: Why would I want to do that?

00:57:55,901 -- 00:57:59,600
Holloway: Because God-like isn't God.
Shaw: They made us.
Holloway: And who made them?

00:57:59,601 -- 00:58:04,400
Holloway: Exactly, we'll never know. But here's what we do know.

00:58:04,401 -- 00:58:08,500
There is nothing special about the creation of life.

00:58:08,501 -- 00:58:14,700
Anybody can do it, all you need is a dash of DNA and half a brain, right?

00:58:15,600 -- 00:58:21,800
Shaw: I can't. I can't create life.

00:58:22,900 -- 00:58:26,900
What does that say about me?

00:58:26,901 -- 00:58:31,500
Holloway: Ellie, that's not, I didn't mean... I wasn't talking about...

00:58:31,501 -- 00:58:35,300
Shaw: Children?
Holloway: Us.

00:58:43,700 -- 00:58:49,600
Holloway: It means your mortal Elizabeth Shaw, imperfect, just like us all. You and all your imperfections are the center of my world. I followed you here.

00:58:49,601 -- 00:58:52,700
And I love you.
[they start kissing and start having sex]
00:59:36,900 -- 00:59:40,000
Vickers: No.
 [Vickers, looking tired and drawn. Thinking she's alone goes over to the pyramid scan of the large dome structure, as she goes to touch it, Janek interrupts her with his accordion making her jump]
00:59:41,500 -- 00:59:44,500
Vickers: Has the glitch returned? Is it a life-form?

00:59:45,200 -- 00:59:49,900
Janek: It comes and goes. As for what it is, I don't know. How did you know about the Glitch?

00:59:57,700 -- 01:00:00,100
Vickers: That thing sounds like a dying cat, by the way.

01:00:00,101 -- 01:00:04,900
Janek: I'll have you know that this "thing" once belonged to Steven Stills.

01:00:04,901 -- 01:00:07,600
Vickers: Am I supposed to know who that is?

01:00:11,400 -- 01:00:13,800
Janek: Why aren't you in bed Ms. Vickers?

01:00:13,801 -- 01:00:17,100
Vickers: Isn't it enough to be interested in the 'pyramid' scanner?

01:00:17,101 -- 01:00:20,400
Janek: Yeah no. If I didn't have two men stuck in that pyramid, I would be in bed like everyone else.

01:00:20,401 -- 01:00:24,100
Vickers: Maybe I want to know.

01:00:24,101 -- 01:00:27,200
Janek: What is it you need Ms. Vickers?

01:00:27,201 -- 01:00:31,300
Vickers: Do you think I am a robot Janek?

01:00:31,301 -- 01:00:36,600
Janek: No, Vickers, that is not what I was thinking.

01:00:37,200 -- 01:00:41,100
Vickers: I was wondering...

01:00:41,800 -- 01:00:44,800
Janek: I’m not a robot either.

01:00:57,400 -- 01:01:02,300
Vickers: My room, ten minutes.
[Vickers enters her private suite and types something into the computer. In the harsher light, we can now plainly see that there are dark ring beneath her eyes]
Vickers: Try harder.
[Millburn and Fifield moving through the interior of pyramid.]
Fifield: Millburn wait! He said, stay clear of the fucking Glitch!
[Millburn reading from his wrist]
00:56:00,201 -- 00:56:05,700
Millburn: The new instructions don’t say anything about the Glitch, but they are unambiguous: “You are to return to the location where the head was discovered, and investigate.”

00:56:07,700 -- 00:56:10,900
Fifield: You sound like you want to find the Glitch!

00:56:10,901 -- 00:56:15,000
Millburn: I do! I'm a biologist Fifield, I'm sick of looking at corpses and stones.
Fifield: I'm a fucking geologist Millburn, I don't want to die.
[stepping past the decapitated Engineer, Fifield and Millburn enter the room with the metal vases with the black liquids inside them and all over the ground]
01:01:20,000 -- 01:01:24,500
Fifield: Millburn, what's with this black stuff?

01:01:27,800 -- 01:01:30,700
Millburn: I honestly haven’t got a clue. Whatever it is, it's loaded with both organic molecules and heavy metals. Totally bizarre.
[Millburn looks over at Fifield who has smoke in his helmet]
01:01:31,500 -- 01:01:35,500
Millburn: Is that tobacco? Is that tobacco in your respirator?

01:01:35,501 -- 01:01:38,800
Fifield: I'm off duty.

01:01:41,600 -- 01:01:44,100
Millburn: That's not tobacco - do I have that in my suit too?

01:01:44,101 -- 01:01:47,050
Fifield: Not fucking likely, no.
[Fifield takes a breath from his respirator and breaths out smoke]
Has it occured to you that this entire mound might be a corpse? None of these passages are the sorts of cavities formed by erosion... more like walking around inside a giant petrified gullet.

01:01:47,051 -- 01:01:50,000
Millburn: Dude...

01:01:53,700 -- 01:01:56,000
Fifield: Millburn?
Millburn: Yeah?
Fifield: Do you see this thing?

01:01:56,001 -- 01:01:59,800
What do you think this thing was? Some kind of a god? Something they worshiped?

01:01:59,801 -- 01:02:03,100
Millburn: I don't know. Kind of looks like...
[suddenly Fifield notices the movement on the ground]
01:02:03,101 -- 01:02:07,800
Fifield: What's that?!
Millburn: OK, just stay calm.
[the snake-like creature rises from the ground]
01:02:07,801 -- 01:02:11,800
Millburn: Stay quiet, it's just the “ping.”
Fifield: “Ping”? How do you know its not the fucking holocaust?

01:02:11,801 -- 01:02:15,300
Millburn: Jesus Christ. I've waited my whole career for something like this, and now I have to babysit a panicked stoner.
[Millburn tries to contact Prometheus, but there no one listening back on the ship]
Because an eyeless tuber didn't kill two dozen super-men and then wait two thousand years for their next meal!
[Millburn begins to record a description of the snake-like creatures as it rises further in front of them]
Millburn: Some sort of albinotic elongate; an ectothermic, amniote vertebrate - the head, I think its the head...

01:02:15,301 -- 01:02:20,600
Fifield: Come in Prometheus, we have a elongated reptile type creature.

01:02:20,601 -- 01:02:25,100
Millburn: Maybe 30-40 inches, with an orchid-like crest... no scales, skin is translucent.

01:02:25,101 -- 01:02:27,900
It's beautiful.

01:02:32,000 -- 01:02:36,800
Fifield: Prometheus, we now have two... white snakes.

01:02:36,801 -- 01:02:39,300
Jesus, look at the size of that, what is it?

01:02:39,301 -- 01:02:41,600
Millburn: You need to stay calm, OK?
Fifield: What's there to be calm about?
Millburn: Perhaps this is some form of gigantic hermatypic corals? Maybe these things are what built this mound? OK?
[he slowly goes to touch the creature but it suddenly flap opens its head]
01:02:41,601 -- 01:02:44,400
Millburn: Yikes. She must be nocturnal - or was roused by the storm.

01:02:44,401 -- 01:02:46,900
Fifield: She? What the hell makes you think that's female?

01:02:46,901 -- 01:02:49,500
Millburn: Its mouth-parts look like a vagina.

01:02:56,000 -- 01:03:01,200
She's mesmerizing.
 [Millburn, as if in a trance slowly goes to touch the creature but it suddenly flap opens its head]
01:03:01,201 -- 01:03:05,200
Look at that! Is she alarmed? Aroused?

01:03:05,201 -- 01:03:08,500
A widened hood... is it a mating display? What are animals this size surviving on?
[as Millburn reaches out to touch the Hammerpede it suddenly seizes his hand, wrapping itself around his outstretched arm.]
01:03:09,400 -- 01:03:12,500
Millburn: It's really strong! Maybe you should help me now, OK?!

01:03:12,501 -- 01:03:15,500
Get it off man! OK?!

01:03:16,800 -- 01:03:20,000
Fifield: Mill, I ain't touching that!

01:03:21,400 -- 01:03:23,900
Millburn: It's getting tighter.
Fifield: I ain't touching that! Don't want to touch it!

01:03:23,901 -- 01:03:26,600
Millburn: Touch it! For God's sake, you ginger fuck-nut, touch it!
[Fifield tries to touch the creature but it wraps itself tighter around Millburn's arm]
01:03:26,601 -- 01:03:30,300
Millburn: God! You're making it worse! It's tightening!

01:03:30,900 -- 01:03:33,700
It's breaking my arm!
[suddenly Millburn's arm breaks making him shout in pain]
Fifield: Shit! Shit! Shit!

01:03:35,500 -- 01:03:39,500
Millburn: Cut it off! Cut if off!
[as Fifield cuts the creature it suddenly sprays it's acid blood onto his helmet melting it onto Fifield's face]
01:03:45,100 -- 01:03:48,700
Fifield: Oh my God!

01:03:48,701 -- 01:03:51,300
Millburn: It's in my suit!
 [Shaw and Holloway are lying in bed, he rises and goes to wash his face, in the mirror he notices his eyes are bloodshot with something crawling in them, just as he's about to freak out Janek calls]
01:04:51,000 -- 01:04:54,500
Janek:  ++Shaw, you up? ++

01:04:54,501 -- 01:04:56,600
Shaw: Yeah, what's up?

01:04:56,601 -- 01:04:59,300
Janek:  ++Storm's passed, but can't reach Millburn and Fifield on the comm, ++

01:04:59,301 -- 01:05:02,000
 ++Taking a few men down, to see if we can rustle them up. ++

01:05:02,001 -- 01:05:05,500
Shaw: OK, any idea where they are?

01:05:05,501 -- 01:05:09,800
Janek: Last time they radioed in they were just outside where you found your head.

01:05:09,801 -- 01:05:12,700
Shaw:  ++OK, we're coming. ++

01:05:12,701 -- 01:05:15,800
Janek: Chance, you're coming with me, come on.

01:05:15,801 -- 01:05:17,801
Chance: Alright boss.
[as Janek, Shaw and Holloway get ready to go back to the structure to look for Millburn and Fifield]
01:05:18,700 -- 01:05:20,849
Janek: Ravel, did you fix that glitch?

01:05:20,850 -- 01:05:23,000
Ravel:  ++No captain, it's got to be in the hardware. ++

01:05:23,001 -- 01:05:25,700
David: What glitch, captain?
Janek: One of them probes

01:05:25,701 -- 01:05:31,800
picked up a life form, pops up every hour or so for couple of seconds and then it's gone.

01:05:31,801 -- 01:05:34,000
David: I can find the probe and fix it for you, if you'd like.

01:05:34,001 -- 01:05:36,500
Janek: Knock yourself out.
[David looks at Holloway and Shaw]
01:05:36,501 -- 01:05:39,300
David: Be careful, doctors.

01:05:59,700 -- 01:06:03,200

01:06:04,200 -- 01:06:07,600

01:06:09,500 -- 01:06:12,700
Right, come on down.
 [in the cave, as the others search for Millburn and Fifield, David searches for the probes alone]
01:06:32,000 -- 01:06:35,300
Vickers:  ++David, are you alone? ++

01:06:35,301 -- 01:06:39,400
David: Yes miss Vickers.
Vickers:  ++- Up link your feed to my room. ++

01:06:39,401 -- 01:06:41,900
David: Copy.
[David sets his suit camera to show on Vickers monitor, she watches as he finds a control room of sorts, but suddenly David cuts the camera feed]
01:08:23,300 -- 01:08:26,400
Vickers: You son of a bitch.

01:08:27,300 -- 01:08:29,600
He cut me off.
[as they come across the pile of dead Engineer bodies]
01:08:50,100 -- 01:08:52,500
Chance: What is this?
[Holloway, looking sick, trips on one of the bodies]
01:08:55,000 -- 01:08:57,000
Shaw: Charlie?
Holloway: I just tripped.
[Shaw notices Charlie's eyes looking really bloodshot]
01:08:57,001 -- 01:08:59,900
Shaw: Oh my God, you're sick.
Holloway: I'm OK baby.
[he looks away from her]
01:08:59,901 -- 01:09:05,100
Holloway: Come on. Fifield? Millburn?
[as they enter the chamber where the metal vases are, Chance goes to touch one]
01:09:09,700 -- 01:09:13,400
Janek: Hey Chance, I wouldn't touch that if I were you. Doctor Shaw?

01:09:15,500 -- 01:09:18,500
Shaw: Yes?

01:09:18,501 -- 01:09:22,100
Janek: Do you have any idea oozing out of these vases?

01:09:22,101 -- 01:09:26,500
Shaw: No, they weren't like this last time we were here.
[ahead of them, Chance finds a body]
01:09:29,800 -- 01:09:32,600
Chance: Captain!
Janek: What?

01:09:32,601 -- 01:09:35,900
Janek: Who is that? Which one?
Shaw: Who is it?
Chance: It's Millburn.

01:09:35,901 -- 01:09:39,300
Janek: Don't touch him! Hold on! Don't touch him.
Holloway: Ellie! Ellie, honey?

01:09:39,301 -- 01:09:41,800
Shaw: Charlie what's wrong?

01:09:41,801 -- 01:09:44,000
Holloway: I need you to look at me, OK?

01:09:44,001 -- 01:09:46,600
You know infections so, what do you see?
[Shaw looks at his face and eyes]
01:09:46,601 -- 01:09:50,300
Shaw: This is not good baby.
Holloway: Ellie, look at me and tell me what you see.
[the others turn Millburn's body over and see Millburn died with his mouth open]
01:09:54,600 -- 01:09:57,600
Janek: Oh my God. Ford, get over here.
[as the others are checking Millburn's body, Eli shouts over to them]
01:09:58,500 -- 01:10:02,300
Shaw: Janek! We have to go now!
Holloway: What do you see baby? Honey what do you see?
[shouting towards Janek]
01:10:02,301 -- 01:10:06,700
Shaw: Holloway's sick, he's not good!

01:10:06,701 -- 01:10:09,900
I see a movement in his esophagus.
[as the others are checking out Millburn's body, the snake-like creature jumps out of Millburn's mouth and everyone freaks out]
01:10:12,900 -- 01:10:16,500
Ford: I'm OK.
Shaw: Janek, come over and help me!

01:10:17,000 -- 01:10:19,700
Janek: Ford get over here! What's happening over there?!

01:10:20,000 -- 01:10:22,700
Shaw: Help me with him!
Holloway: I'm ok...

01:10:22,701 -- 01:10:24,701
Shaw: I got you, I'm gonna get you out of here.

01:10:24,702 -- 01:10:28,200
Prometheus come in!
Holloway: I'm OK.

01:10:28,700 -- 01:10:30,800
Shaw: Get him up!

01:10:30,801 -- 01:10:34,000
Shaw:  ++Prometheus, come in! Is anyone there? ++

01:10:34,001 -- 01:10:38,400
Vickers: This is Vickers.
Shaw: I need a medical team standing by the air lock.

01:10:38,401 -- 01:10:42,100
 ++Full quarantine failsafe. Holloway is sick. ++

01:10:42,101 -- 01:10:45,400
Vickers: Sick with what?
Shaw: Just do it.
[on the ship, Vickers turns to Ravel]
01:10:47,700 -- 01:10:50,600
Vickers: No. I'm closing it up.
[as the others are trying to get Holloway back to the ship, David is in the control room he's found. Touching soft flesh-like blisters he manages to activate the holographic images of the Engineers plotting courses through an orrery-like display of stars and different planets, of which one of them is Earth. David appears ecstatically happy as he watches the display. The images suddenly disappear and David finds a milky blister embedded in the floor, this one as large a large car. It is a hypersleep pod containing one of the Engineers, which seems to be alive]
01:14:54,900 -- 01:14:57,199
Janek: He don't look too good.
Chance: Did he catch something in there?

01:14:57,200 -- 01:14:59,500
Chance: He started to take his helmets off before...

01:14:59,501 -- 01:15:03,800
Janek: I don't know. Prometheus this is Janek, make sure that back door is open.

01:15:03,801 -- 01:15:05,801
Ravel:  ++Aye, aye captain. ++
[Shaw holds on to a very sick looking Holloway]
01:15:06,500 -- 01:15:08,900
Holloway: Oh God! I'm so sorry.
[Holloway howls in pain]
01:15:10,500 -- 01:15:13,200
Shaw: Please!
[as they reach Prometheus, Janek sees the door is not open]
01:15:16,800 -- 01:15:20,000
Janek: Vickers, why is that door not open?!

01:15:20,001 -- 01:15:24,200
Vickers, that is an order! Get that goddamn door open!
[Holloway is now looking like his skin is disintegrating]
01:15:24,201 -- 01:15:29,000
Holloway: Look at me OK? It's too late, I'm sick.
Shaw:  No it's not, come on!

01:15:29,300 -- 01:15:32,200
Shaw: Ford help me!
[standing outside the locked doors of Prometheus]
Janek: Airlock crew if you can hear me, this is Janek

01:15:32,201 -- 01:15:35,600
 ++open that back door right now! ++
[inside the ship, Vickers has suited]
Vickers: Hold that door!

01:15:35,601 -- 01:15:39,700
Janek:  ++Do you copy? Goddamn it open that door that is an order! ++
[Vickers grabs a flamethrower]
01:15:39,701 -- 01:15:43,000
Vickers: Open it!

01:15:48,000 -- 01:15:50,900
Janek: What the hell is this?
Vickers: He's not coming on board.

01:15:50,901 -- 01:15:53,550
Janek: Vickers, this is a sick man!
Vickers: I can see that,

01:15:53,551 -- 01:15:56,200
that's why he's not coming on my ship!
[Holloway collapses in pain and Shaw pleads with Vickers]
01:15:56,900 -- 01:16:00,500
Shaw: Don’t Kill him!

01:16:01,300 -- 01:16:04,800
Please, we can still help him!

01:16:04,801 -- 01:16:07,800
Vickers: Help yourself. Everybody but Holloway back on the ship, now!

01:16:07,801 -- 01:16:10,300
Shaw: I won't leave him!
Vickers: Then stay!

01:16:10,301 -- 01:16:13,500
Janek: Wait a minute! We can contain him, put him on a med-pod!

01:16:13,501 -- 01:16:17,600
Shaw: Please don't do this!
[suddenly Holloway gets up]
Holloway: It's OK, Ellie. Vickers!

01:16:17,601 -- 01:16:21,500
Shaw: What are you doing?
[Holloway looks at Shaw]
Holloway: I love you baby.
Shaw: No!
[Holloway holds his hands up and walks towards Vickers]
01:16:21,501 -- 01:16:25,500
Vickers: I'm telling you, stay back!
Holloway: Do it.
Vickers: Stay back!

01:16:26,000 -- 01:16:28,300
Holloway: Do it.
[suddenly Vickers fires the flames towards Holloway, burning him alive, Shaw collapses in grief. Cut to Medical bay. Shaw is unconscious. David is using tweezers to remove small pearly spheres from Shaw’s tongue, the insides of her cheeks and gums. Upon closer examination he sees that they contain tiny squirming worms. He pauses to examine the spot on Shaw’s wrist where the green slime touched her and see that there is a shimmering five-sided mark. He glances at the severed head nearby, just as Shaw goans, and begins to awaken]]
01:17:01,500 -- 01:17:04,500
David: My deepest condolences.
01:17:04,900 -- 01:17:09,100
David: This is the last one. The good news is that unlike Dr. Holloway who was ravaged by a system-wide infection, in you the infection is expressing as encapsulated cysts.
[again looking at the mark on her wrist]
It is almost as if you received some sort of inoculation... I’ve been able to remove them all intact. All the visible surfaces of your mouth and throat are now clear of paratoma.
[David moves to remove her cross necklace]
I'm going to have to take this, it may interfere with the scans of your neck.
[she allows David to take her cross]
01:17:09,500 -- 01:17:14,300
Shaw: If there's a contagion, we were all exposed.

01:17:15,200 -- 01:17:19,900
We need to run blood work on everyone who set foot in the pyramid.

01:17:19,901 -- 01:17:23,100
David: Yes of course. But all indications are that the cystules on your mouth and throat were not caused by an airborne pathogen. The paratoma were almost certainly the result of direct contact...

01:17:30,200 -- 01:17:34,700
I understand how intrusive this is.

01:17:34,701 -- 01:17:37,300
Given the circumstances.

01:17:37,301 -- 01:17:42,000
But, as you ordered quarantine fail safes

01:17:42,001 -- 01:17:45,500
it's my responsibility to ask.

01:17:45,501 -- 01:17:50,900
Have you and Dr. Holloway had any intimate contact recently?

01:17:50,901 -- 01:17:54,500
Since you and he were so, close,

01:17:54,501 -- 01:17:58,100
I just want to be as thorough as possible.
[David, wearing Weyland corporate livery,  runs a scan across Shaw's body and sees that she is pregnant]
01:17:58,700 -- 01:18:02,000
My, my...

01:18:03,900 -- 01:18:06,500
You're pregnant.

01:18:07,600 -- 01:18:10,000
Shaw: What?

01:18:10,001 -- 01:18:15,500
David: From the look of it, three months.
Shaw: Well that's impossible. I have Klinefelter's syndrome. I can't be pregnant.

01:18:15,501 -- 01:18:22,000
David: Did you have intercourse with Dr. Holloway?

01:18:22,001 -- 01:18:26,500
Shaw: Yes, but ten hours ago.

01:18:26,800 -- 01:18:30,600
There's no bloody way I'm three months pregnant.

01:18:30,601 -- 01:18:36,100
David: Well doctor, it's not exactly a traditional fetus.

01:18:38,000 -- 01:18:41,800
Shaw: I want to see it.
David: Don't think that's a good idea.

01:18:42,900 -- 01:18:46,000
Shaw: David, I want to see it.

01:18:46,001 -- 01:18:49,000
David: Now doctor...
[Shaw gets up from the lab table and tries to access the scan image but can't get access]
01:18:49,500 -- 01:18:52,200
Shaw: I want to see it.

01:18:52,201 -- 01:18:55,200
I want it out of me.
David: I'm afraid we don't have

01:18:55,201 -- 01:18:58,500
personnel to perform the procedure like that. Our best option...

01:18:58,501 -- 01:19:00,501
Shaw: I want it out.

01:19:00,502 -- 01:19:04,900
David: To put you back into cryostasis...
Shaw: David, get it out of me.

01:19:04,901 -- 01:19:07,500
Get it out of me! Please...
[suddenly Shaw doubles over and cries out in pain]
01:19:11,300 -- 01:19:13,900
David: Must be very painful.

01:19:13,901 -- 01:19:17,800
Here, let me give you something.
[David gives her an injection for the pain which relaxes Shaw]
01:19:20,900 -- 01:19:23,200
That's it
[David gently puts Shaw back on the lab table]
01:19:29,000 -- 01:19:35,000
Someone will be along shortly,
to bring you back to cryo-deck.
[as Shaw is about to pass out from the painkiller injection David just gave her]
01:19:38,500 -- 01:19:42,900
David: Must feel like your God abandoned you.
Shaw: What?

01:19:42,901 -- 01:19:49,100
David: To lose Dr. Holloway, after your father died under such similar circumstances.

01:19:49,101 -- 01:19:52,000
What was it that killed him?

01:19:52,001 -- 01:19:55,500

01:19:59,000 -- 01:20:01,700
Shaw: How do you know that?

01:20:01,701 -- 01:20:04,800
David: I watched your dreams.
[David walks off and Shaw passes out]
01:20:25,900 -- 01:20:28,300
Ford: Dr. Shaw?
[Ford taps Shaw on the face to wake her]
01:20:28,600 -- 01:20:31,500
We're here to put you in an anti-contamination suit.

01:20:31,501 -- 01:20:35,500
Take you back to cryo-deck, go to bed-e-byes.

01:20:35,501 -- 01:20:37,900
Ford: Dr. Shaw?
[as Shaw doesn't respond]
01:20:37,901 -- 01:20:41,000
Ford: She's totally doped, prepare her.
[suddenly Shaw's eyes open as one of the scientists goes to grab her she attacks him and knocks both Ford and the scientist out, she makes her way to the surgery pod, and activates the controls]
01:21:10,300 -- 01:21:12,400
Automated Voice:  ++Emergency procedure initiated. ++

01:21:12,401 -- 01:21:15,000
 ++Please verbally state the nature of your injury. ++

01:21:15,001 -- 01:21:17,500
Shaw: I need abortion!

01:21:17,501 -- 01:21:20,700
Automated Voice:  ++Error, this med-pod is unable to perform procedures forbidden by law . ++

01:21:20,701 -- 01:21:23,000
the procedure you have requested is illegal under Section 43 (PRB 05-10E) of the Criminal Code. ++

01:21:23,001 -- 01:21:26,300
 ++Please seek legal assistance... ++

01:21:27,600 -- 01:21:31,300
Shaw: Surgery, abdominal...

01:21:31,301 -- 01:21:35,600
Penetrating injuries, foreign body...

01:21:35,601 -- 01:21:38,200

01:21:39,300 -- 01:21:42,800
Automated Voice:  ++Surgical procedure beginning. ++

01:22:22,800 -- 01:22:25,800
Automated Voice:  ++Running diagnostics. ++

01:22:26,800 -- 01:22:29,600
Shaw: Oh come on!

01:22:30,200 -- 01:22:33,200
Get it out! Come on!

01:22:33,201 -- 01:22:35,300

01:22:36,900 -- 01:22:39,400
Oh God!

01:22:40,900 -- 01:22:44,100
Automated Voice:  ++Initiating anesthetics. ++

01:22:50,800 -- 01:22:54,400
Automated Voice:  ++Commence surgical procedure. ++
[Large hook-nosed instrument, like a metallic eagle's beak, slices into Shaw’s side. Piecing and spreading the incision, a sharp tongue-like tubular probe flays the fascia along the direction of the muscle’s striation. Tiny, wire thin, fingers peel away from the probes sides to carefully pull the flayed muscle open layer by layer.]
01:23:59,800 -- 01:24:02,600
Shaw: Oh God, oh my God!
[Once a triangular opening has been created a segmented probe emerges from the tube and enters the incision.]
01:24:18,000 -- 01:24:21,000
Shaw: Come on!
[As the probe enters Shaw’s side, her abdomen lurches. The probe jabs and Shaw screams as it jabs again.]
Shaw: God stop! Please! Please make it stop!
[Dosing herself with more local anesthetic Shaw watches with growing horror as the prob jabs deeper and the flesh her abdomen leaps more violently. Shaw’s water breaks and she begins to scream as a thick pale tentacled Tribolite emerges from her birth canal. Rather than attacking Shaw it squeezes itself through a tiny crevice in the med-pod and disappears. We see Vickers, dark rings under her eyes and chapped lips, watching from the door.]
Shaw: Close me up!
[A series of mesh patches are glued to the separate layers of muscle and the the wound is closed with a clear liquid that makes her skin foam and swell shut.Shaw leaps out of pod stumbles to the door and keys it shut, she turns to find Vickers with Ford and two burly crewmen.]
Vickers: Help her back to her cabin
[Ford obeys and moves to take Shaw away.]
Vickers: You two. I want that Pod cleaned and prepped.
[As two crewmen enter, Shaw tries to protest but is cut off by Vicker closing the door to the corridor. She then turns and locks the two crewmen into the Med Pod, shutting off the module’s communications. Vickers then addresses herself in the reflection of the glass]
Vickers: Try Harder.
[Janek notices Fifield camera has come back on]
01:24:46,200 -- 01:24:49,600
Janek: Bridge to hangar, this is the captain.
Mechanic 1:  ++- Yes captain? ++

01:24:49,601 -- 01:24:53,300
Janek: Can you see what I'm seeing? Fifield's monitor just popped up.

01:24:53,301 -- 01:24:55,600
Mechanic 1: What? Where?
[Cut back to Vickers, who hides against the wall as the two trapped men pound on the glass of the Med Pod door]
01:24:55,601 -- 01:24:59,500
Janek: According to what I'm looking at, it's right outside the goddamn ship.

01:24:59,501 -- 01:25:03,800
Mechanic 1: Barnes open the door!
Janek: Fifield, do you copy me, come on in.
[they open the bay door and we see Fifield's scrunched up lying just outside the ship and one of the ship's crew walks towards it]
01:25:03,801 -- 01:25:05,900
Janek: Fifield?
[Cut to Vickers, who turns her face away but keeps her eyes open as the pounding on the door become desperate and then violent.]
01:25:16,600 -- 01:25:19,200
Janek: Wait a second...
[the male ship crew, wearing a cheaper, bulkier space suit - more like the suits we will see in the later Alien films - sees a pile that looks like rubbish, but is infact Fifield’s almost empty looking spacesuit]
01:25:26,800 -- 01:25:30,600
Mechanic 1: Hey Wallace, take a look at this.
[The Mechanic kicks Fifield's body to check for signs of life]
01:25:34,700 -- 01:25:36,700
Mechanic 1: Fifield?
[Fifield’s once-more expensive and sleeker spacesuit rises, it is now filthy and ragged, it is also facing backwards, we see that it contains the skeletal remains of its original inhabitant, along with a massive tentacled creature, that, animates the suit from within. The Fifield-Hugger hits the Mechanic hard with a tentacle and kills him with one blow, back on the ship Janek hears the commotion]
Fifield-Hugger (author's sketch)

01:25:38,600 -- 01:25:41,800
Janek: What the hell is going on down there?!
[the Fifield-Hugger attacks and kills the other crew members]
01:25:54,500 -- 01:25:58,900
Janek: I'm coming out. Chance,
we're suiting up, come on!
[something smashes against the glass of the Med Pod door and bursts with a bloody crunch. Vickers face is passive, unfeeling]
01:26:13,500 -- 01:26:16,100
Wallace: Take him out!
 [Janek and Chance suit up and go down to the bay and finding the Fifield-Hugger having mounted one of the still living mechanic’s head.]
01:26:22,400 -- 01:26:24,800
Janek: You ready Chance?!
Chance: Yes.
[They shoot it with firearms. As it dismounts we glimpse a long extrusion pulled from the now spasming mechanic’s throat. Janek and chance manage to set it on fire and finally kill it. Cut to a corridor where Shawpushes away from Ford when she sees David through an open door. The android  is attending to withered looking Peter Weyland, who, recently woken from hypersleep, is dressed in a long white nightgown and having his feet washed by David. Unlike the ancient but, robust holographic avatar she had been shown before, Weyland in the flesh is a grotesquely old. His neck is chicken thin, stiff and asymmetrically jutting to his left. His skin is parchment thin. Dandruff dominates is balding scalp, his cheeks and lips are chapped. Skin tabs hang around his eyelids and off his nose and chin. Hypoxia makes the blotchy complexion of his face almost purple in places. The flesh his skin covers is easy to make out, covered in a web of bulging varicose veins, it looks caramelized and even over-cooked in places. besides the padded bulge of a diaper the old man is skeletal, but clearly can’t support the weight of his own shrinking form. A tumour the size of a fist at the base of his neck has ulcerated, breaking through the skin like a hatching parasitic twin. It weeps clear amber fluid that stains the old man’s gown.]
01:27:48,400 -- 01:27:50,800
Shaw: You've been asleep...

01:27:50,801 -- 01:27:54,900
You were on the ship all this time, why?

01:27:56,200 -- 01:27:59,600
Weyland: I’ve spent the majority of the last decade in hypersleep. Dr Shaw. I only have a few days of life left in me.

01:27:59,601 -- 01:28:04,100
Don't want to waste them, till I was sure that you could deliver what you promised.

01:28:04,101 -- 01:28:08,900
Meet my maker.
[David tends to Weyland by cleaning his feet]
David: Here we are sir, nice and clean.
[Shaw turns to David]
01:28:08,901 -- 01:28:11,900
Shaw: Haven't you told him they're all gone?

01:28:11,901 -- 01:28:15,200
David: But they're not all gone, Dr. Shaw.

01:28:15,201 -- 01:28:20,100
One of them is still alive. We're on our way to see him now.

01:28:20,101 -- 01:28:23,300
Shaw: What?
[to one of his helpers]
Weyland: Turn me round.
[the helper turns Weyland in his wheelchair to face Shaw]
01:28:23,301 -- 01:28:28,500
Weyland: You convinced me...

01:28:29,500 -- 01:28:33,200
If these things made us...

01:28:33,201 -- 01:28:36,400
Then surely they could save us.
[to David]
01:28:36,401 -- 01:28:39,100
My stick.
[David hands Weyland his walking stick]
01:28:42,000 -- 01:28:47,400
Weyland: Save me, anyway.
Shaw: Save you? From what?

01:28:47,401 -- 01:28:51,000
Weyland: Death of course, stand me up.

01:29:00,101 -- 01:29:06,100
Shaw: You don't understand, you don't know, this place isn't what we thought it was...

01:29:06,101 -- 01:29:08,400
They aren't what we thought they were.

01:29:08,401 -- 01:29:11,800
I was wrong, we were so wrong.

01:29:11,801 -- 01:29:17,000
Charlie, Dr. Holloway is dead. We must leave.
[Shaw begins to cry]
01:29:17,300 -- 01:29:23,900
Weyland: Yes I know about Dr. Holloway; his sacrifice. I am grave, but forgive me Dr. Shaw if I will not "go gentle.”

01:29:24,800 -- 01:29:29,300
I am of a different millenium than you and Dr. Holloway. All my peers are gone, but I remain.

01:29:29,301 -- 01:29:33,800
I have used every means, including hypersleep to stretch my time Dr. Shaw. Your generation has made great sacrifices in the face of scarcity and environmental collapse. Admirable sacrifices. But I am the last of the "Megeneration Dr. Shaw.

01:29:33,801 -- 01:29:38,600
I don't care where we came from or what they want for us. I came for ME.

01:29:44,500 -- 01:29:48,800
You still don't understand what it is you discovered. There is no God. You are an insignificant member of an utterly insignificant species from an insignificant dying planet. The degenerate playthings of giants.

01:30:21,100 -- 01:30:24,000
Your life has no greater meaning than David's. I will walk again Dr. Shaw, and I will walk amongst Gods - not as a penitent but as an equal.
[as Shaw prepares to suit up to go with Weyland back into the pyramid structure to see the Engineer that David had found]
01:30:41,700 -- 01:30:44,000
Shaw: Come in.
Janek: Jesus you look worse than Fifield. What happened?
Shaw: What do you want Janek?

01:30:50,300 -- 01:30:55,000
Janek: Don't go with Weyland. You'll end up like Holloway, Fifield, or worse.

01:30:55,001 -- 01:30:59,700
This place is evil - blasphemous. This ain't their home or even some kinda’ roadside picnic.

01:30:59,701 -- 01:31:03,200
It's an installation, maybe even military. Maybe nothing more than an amo dump.

01:31:03,201 -- 01:31:06,200
But it’s been abandoned for millennia. Think about that. Whatever went wrong here, whatever killed your "Engineers," went wrong everywhere.

01:31:06,201 -- 01:31:09,900
This is a dead outpost of a dead empire.

01:31:09,901 -- 01:31:13,900
All that shit is in those vases is evil.

01:31:13,901 -- 01:31:20,200
It got out. It turned on them. The end.

01:31:21,400 -- 01:31:24,000
It's time for us to go home.
[Janek turns to leave]
01:31:24,001 -- 01:31:27,100
Shaw: One of them is still alive.

01:31:30,500 -- 01:31:34,000
Don't you want to know what they have to say?

01:31:36,400 -- 01:31:39,300
Janek: No. You want to know what they're gunna do? Look at what they have done. I don't care what they have to say.

01:31:40,100 -- 01:31:44,200
Shaw: I can't believe that. I can't believe none of it means anything.

01:31:44,201 -- 01:31:47,100
Janek: Maybe it does, but maybe what it means is evil. Maybe what it means is they care nothing for us or our world. That we are no more than a slime mold to them.

01:31:47,101 -- 01:31:51,000
Shaw: If that what you think we are, captain, why are you here?

01:31:51,500 -- 01:31:55,600
Janek: I think ‘bout that a lot. I'm here because Meredith Vickers personally picked me to fly this mission herself. I agreed because that made me proud; to know someone as powerful as her thought that I was that good.

01:31:57,200 -- 01:32:00,400
And I am a that good a pilot. But I'm not good. I've hurt everyone who ever loved me, ruined everything I've ever touched. I've never believed in anything, and maybe that is what Vickers knew about me, why she chose me - maybe she’s counting on that.

01:32:00,700 -- 01:32:04,300
But just because I don't believe the way you do, doesn't mean I don't believe in blasphemy, that I don't believe in evil. Just because I don't believe there is a God doesn't mean I think life is meaningless. Being is infinitely more meaningful than not being Shaw...
01:32:04,301 -- 01:32:09,500
I can't bring none of that shit back home with us, can't let it happen.

01:32:09,501 -- 01:32:13,700
And I'll do whatever I have to, to see that it doesn't.

01:32:14,700 -- 01:32:18,200
Shaw: Make sure you do, captain.
[Vickers, her cheeks and eyes sunken, her skin pale, enters Weyland's room as he's getting suited up in a robotic exoskeleton that allows the old man to walk]]
01:32:31,800 -- 01:32:36,200
Weyland: You came after all.
Vickers: Thought you wanted me to.

01:32:36,201 -- 01:32:38,700
Weyland: After all your vigorous attempts to stop me

01:32:38,701 -- 01:32:41,200
from coming here, I'm just surprised to see you.
[to David as he helps Weyland get suited up]
01:32:41,201 -- 01:32:45,500
Weyland: Alright David, leave us alone.
David: Yes sir.
[David walks out of Weyland's room leaving Weyland alone with Vickers]
01:32:56,000 -- 01:33:00,200
Vickers: If you're really going down there, you're going to die.

01:33:01,600 -- 01:33:06,000
Weyland: Very negative way of looking at things. This is what I know to be true: going "down there" is the only chance I have of not dying.
[Weyland sits on his bed]
01:33:06,001 -- 01:33:08,800
Weyland: Exactly why you should have stayed at home.

01:33:08,801 -- 01:33:12,000
Vickers: Did you really think I was gonna sit in a boardroom for years,

01:33:12,001 -- 01:33:17,400
arguing over who is in charge while you go look for some miracle on some

01:33:17,401 -- 01:33:22,400
godforsaken rock in the middle of space?
[Weyland looks down and does not reply]
01:33:23,800 -- 01:33:29,300
Vickers: A king has his reign and then he dies.

01:33:29,301 -- 01:33:31,500
It's inevitable.
[Vickers kneels in front of Weyland and touches his hand suggestively]
01:33:33,000 -- 01:33:38,700
Vickers: That is a natural order of things.
[Vickers strokes her face on Weyland's hand, her voice lowering seductively, but Weyland does not respond to the touch]
01:33:50,000 -- 01:33:52,900
Weyland: The natural order,

01:33:52,901 -- 01:33:55,800
is for the king to have a SON!

01:33:55,801 -- 01:33:59,000
Anything else?
[Vickers looks at Weyland with tears in her eyes]
01:33:59,001 -- 01:34:02,000
Vickers: No father, that's it.
[Vickers turns and walks out of the room]
01:34:13,000 -- 01:34:15,500
[as the entire group prepares to leave the ship]
David: I didn't think you had it in you.

01:34:15,501 -- 01:34:19,200
Sorry, poor choice of words.

01:34:19,800 -- 01:34:24,500
Extraordinary survival instincts, Elizabeth.

01:34:28,400 -- 01:34:32,500
Shaw: What happens when Weyland is not around to program you any more?

01:34:32,501 -- 01:34:36,300
David: I suppose I'll be free.
Shaw: You want that?

01:34:36,301 -- 01:34:40,200
David: “Want”? Not a concept I'm familiar with.

01:34:40,201 -- 01:34:42,800
That being said,

01:34:42,801 -- 01:34:46,700
doesn't everyone want their parents dead?

01:34:46,701 -- 01:34:49,100
Shaw: I didn't.
David: No of course not, but your freedom wasn’t incumbent on your partent’s death, as you seem to feel mine is. What is freedom Dr. Shaw? Your parents are dead, are you free?
Shaw: I believe I have free will.
David: The most perfect utopia will get its true believer. The most corrupt dystopia its absolute nihilist.
Shaw: Which are you?
David: Every society will produce the individual it deserves, I like to think that we are ours...
[Weyland enters the room]
01:34:49,101 -- 01:34:54,000
Weyland: Dr. Shaw, I'm pleased you could join us.
[inside the caves of the pyramid structure]
01:35:07,600 -- 01:35:10,900
David: You can take your helmet off if you'd like sir.
Weyland: Why?

01:35:10,901 -- 01:35:16,400
David: The air is perfectly breathable.
Weyland: You sure?
David: Positive.

01:35:16,401 -- 01:35:20,500
Shaw: Wait, we still don't know how Holloway got infected. If it's in the air...

01:35:20,501 -- 01:35:23,400
David: It's not.

01:35:23,401 -- 01:35:28,600
Shaw: How do you know that?
David: Because you are correct Dr. Shaw, these Engineers visited earth repeatedly until a few millennia ago - relatively recently immunologically...
Weyland: Smells fine to me. Shall we?

01:35:29,000 -- 01:35:31,900
David: Please.
[David leads them towards where he found the live Engineer]
01:35:36,100 -- 01:35:39,800
David: The bridge is just up ahead.
Weyland: What is this?

01:35:40,300 -- 01:35:43,000
David: It's a cargo hold.
[referring to the thousands of vases that has been stored in the cargo hold]
01:35:51,100 -- 01:35:55,100
Shaw:  ++Janek, are you seeing this? ++
[back on the ship Janek sees the vases on the monitor]
01:35:55,101 -- 01:35:58,700
Janek: How many is there Shaw?
Shaw:  ++- Thousands. ++

01:35:58,701 -- 01:36:01,000
Janek: What the hell?
[looking at the holographic image of the mapped pyramid structure after stripping away the dome structure and isolating the cargo hold area]
01:36:04,300 -- 01:36:08,400
Janek: Ravel, give me those schematics.

01:36:08,401 -- 01:36:11,200
Ravel: Putting it on the table now.

01:36:12,700 -- 01:36:16,800
Janek: Strip away the dome, isolate that area, bring it up.

01:36:16,801 -- 01:36:19,800
Ravel: Bringing it up captain.

01:36:21,800 -- 01:36:24,800
Janek: Enlarge that.

01:36:25,100 -- 01:36:27,700
Rotate it.

01:36:30,500 -- 01:36:33,000
That is a ship.

01:36:33,001 -- 01:36:36,000
Vickers: Jesus Christ.

01:36:36,500 -- 01:36:39,600
Janek: It's a goddamn ship.

01:36:41,700 -- 01:36:45,400
David: A superior breed no doubt, but not a species. Something more akin to  a religious order.
[as they enter the Engineers control room]
01:36:46,800 -- 01:36:52,400
David: Their hyper-sleep chambers, would impress I trust.

01:37:01,100 -- 01:37:03,599
Shaw: So they were traveling somewhere?

01:37:03,600 -- 01:37:06,100
David: I have managed to work out the broad strokes.

01:37:06,101 -- 01:37:10,000
It's fairly evident they were in the process of leaving.

01:37:10,500 -- 01:37:13,200
Before things went apart.

01:37:13,201 -- 01:37:16,400
Shaw: Leaving to go where?

01:37:16,401 -- 01:37:20,400
David: Earth.
Shaw: Why?

01:37:20,401 -- 01:37:26,000
David: It isn't clear. Perhaps they weren't “engineers”, but something closer “gardeners” or “shepherds”...

01:37:26,600 -- 01:37:30,900
Weyland: Where is he, David?
David: This way sir.
[David walks the group past a large declivity in the platform. Ford pauses to stoop at its edge and fingers a papery residue, that films it’s lip. Like the ship’s controls, the one functioning hyper-sleep pod is a milky blister embedded in the floor, jelly-like in consistency and glowing from within, but unlike the small controls David fingered, it is as big as a car and seems to contain a humaniod figure]
01:37:36,600 -- 01:37:39,500
Weyland: Sure he's alive?

01:37:39,501 -- 01:37:42,300
David: Absolutely.

01:37:45,400 -- 01:37:49,800
Weyland:  ++And you can speak to him?
David: I believe I can. ++
[David manipulates some controls beside the Engineer's pod, the Engineer wakes, rises, tearing the fragile jelly-like cocoon of the pod doing so, and steps out of his pod. Elephantine in size, it has a thick wrinkled blue-gray hide. Its head and shoulders are encased in what looks like a huge jellyfish. Its face is a series of overlapping fleshy petals, giving the thing an ghostly orchid appearance. A large trunk flattens itself over a deeply creased chest of thick, fatty ribs. The end of the trunk plugs into the creature’s navel, which it at the center of a soft fatty stomach covered in what appear to be striae. The very top of its head is dominated by a single  faceted eye with an oily sheen like an insect wing. Weyland and the others are rocked back by surprise.]
01:38:25,000 -- 01:38:28,000
Weyland: I'm alright!

01:38:28,001 -- 01:38:31,000
Weyland: Speak to him David.

01:38:31,001 -- 01:38:34,600
Weyland: Tell him we're here, just like he asked.
Shaw: Ask him where they're from.

01:38:34,601 -- 01:38:37,500
Weyland: What are you doing?
Shaw: Ask him what's in his cargo, it killed his people.

01:38:37,501 -- 01:38:40,000
Weyland: Shaw, enough. David...

01:38:40,001 -- 01:38:45,000
Shaw: it was meant for us, why?

01:38:45,001 -- 01:38:48,500
Weyland: Shaw enough! For God's sake shut her up.
[one of Welyand's men hits Shaw in the stomach with his weapon]
01:38:49,200 -- 01:38:51,700
Shaw: I need to know why, what did we do wrong?!

01:38:51,701 -- 01:38:55,200
Shaw: Why do you hate us?!

01:38:55,201 -- 01:38:57,700
Weyland:  ++David continue, tell him why I came. ++

01:39:17,400 -- 01:39:19,500
Shaw: No!
[David speaks to the Engineer in his own language]

[the Engineer “looks” at David than, turns towards Weyland. As it does, it reaches up and takes hold of its head covering. Lifting it, and casting it aside - it hits the ground a wet smack. Where the skull’s “eye sockets” had been, to vertical slits open and noisily exhale a misty spray. What at first appear to be thin tenticle-like mouth-parts emerge from either side of the creatur’s trunk, but turn out to be cadaverously pale fingers, tipped with the unmistakable flat nails of a primate, slide over the top of creature's massive rib cage. First one hand’s worth, then two, then four. With a great wet sound, the creatures “trunk” rolls slowly upwards. Where one would expect a gullet is instead revealed to be an underside of moist pink flesh, that parts, releasing great curtains of labia-like folds. Now, accompanied by the crack of rending joints, the ribs begin to hinge out-wards revealing hanging folds of flesh like enormous bat wings. As the creatures’ massive cyclopeadian head rears back further, the great folds of pink flesh are parted by the far paler human hands. Emerging from beneath the huge fourchette, and exposed by the parting of the thick grey-blue hide covered ribs is a huge wizen human, far more ancient than Weyland, embedded within the alien’s labial interior. The gigantic ancient head, sits atop a narrow shouldered, pigeon chested torso and has a second set of frail arms that unfold and brush at the air as if to clear cob-webs. With its larger, bulkier arms, the Engineer touches David's head, suddenly he twists it and rips David's head off. It opens its mouth and barks a word as a second set of jaws extends from its throat snapping and spitting. It attacks Weyland,]
(re)Engineer (author's maquette)

Ford: NO!
[Ford’s alarm is beyond that of an employee and clearly the concern of a devotee or even lover. She rushes to defend Weyland, but is too slow. The engineer kills her with a blow. And as Weyland’s man raises his weapon, it finishes him off as well. Doing so it turns its back on Shaw. She sees that there is another two sets of human arms, and like those facing forward they seem to brush at cob webs until one hand points directly at her. Shaw turns and runs in panic. Weyland lays wounded and looks at the decapitated head of David]
01:39:44,800 -- 01:39:49,800
Weyand: There's nothing...

01:39:53,600 -- 01:39:56,300
David: I know.

01:39:56,301 -- 01:40:00,700
Have a good journey, Mr. Weyland.
[the Engineer activates his ship. Lowers itself into the Jockey Chair, as it does we see that the large bulbous tank at the back of the chair contains an enclosure, with a control interface within, that the arms growing out of the Engineer’s back faces and interacts with. The head of the old man withdraws back into its nymphaea, its arms folded in front of it and the rib cage closes around it and the massive cyclopean head lowers into place. Shaw manages to make it outside of the structure, but as Shaw is running the ground shakes and separates as the ship initiates to to take off]
01:40:05,500 -- 01:40:08,500
Vickers: Time to go home.

01:40:20,500 -- 01:40:24,600
Janek: Mr. Chance, take us home.

01:41:45,400 -- 01:41:49,700
Ravel: Hey captain...
Janek: What in the hell was that?

01:42:32,400 -- 01:42:35,400
Shaw: Prometheus, come in!

01:42:35,401 -- 01:42:40,500
Janek: Shaw, is that you, copy?
Shaw:  ++- Janek, listen to me! ++

01:42:40,501 -- 01:42:43,800
Shaw: This ship is taking off!
Janek: What?
Vickers: What the hell is she talking about?

01:42:43,801 -- 01:42:47,000
Shaw: You can't let it leave! You have to stop it!

01:42:47,001 -- 01:42:50,000
Vickers: We're not stopping anything Shaw, we're going home.

01:42:50,001 -- 01:42:55,200
Shaw: Janek if you don't stop it, there won't be any home to go back to.

01:42:55,201 -- 01:42:58,900
It's carrying death, it's headed for Earth.

01:42:58,901 -- 01:43:03,600
Janek: Shaw, this is not a warship.
Shaw: I know, I know that. But you must do it.

01:43:04,500 -- 01:43:08,500
Vickers: Captain, let's go!

01:43:08,501 -- 01:43:12,000
Shaw: Janek please believe me! Please!
[Shaw runs as she sees the ship rising from under the ground]
01:43:26,400 -- 01:43:29,000
Vickers: I told you to get the ship going.

01:43:29,001 -- 01:43:33,000
Janek: Mr. Ravel, warm up the ion propulsion.
Vickers: What the hell are you talking about?

01:43:33,001 -- 01:43:34,950
Ravel: Sir, burning the ion in the inner atmosphere...

01:43:34,951 -- 01:43:36,900
Janek: Turns us into a bullet, that is exactly the point.

01:43:36,901 -- 01:43:41,300
Vickers: What the hell are you doing? Janek this is my ship, I'm telling you to take us home!

01:43:41,301 -- 01:43:43,400
Janek: Vickers I'm going to eject your life support

01:43:43,401 -- 01:43:45,500
module onto that surface, that's 2 years of life.

01:43:45,501 -- 01:43:48,400
You want it or do you want to stay with me?

01:43:48,401 -- 01:43:51,200
You have 40 seconds to get to the escape pod.

01:43:51,201 -- 01:43:55,700
Vickers: You're crazy.
[Vickers runs out of the control room - in contrast to the fit young control freak we saw at the begin of the film she now looks sickly and panicked]
Janek: Gentlemen.

01:43:55,701 -- 01:43:58,300
Feel free to join miss Vickers.

01:43:58,301 -- 01:44:01,250
Ravel: With all due respect captain, you can't be in three places at once. You need us to over-ride the safeties.
Chance: much less get this ship ship off the ground in the next 40 seconds.

01:44:01,251 -- 01:44:04,200
Ravel: You're going to need all the help you can get.
[Chance to Ravel]
01:44:23,800 -- 01:44:27,200
Chance: I know you're only doing this so you don't have to admit you're wrong.

01:44:27,201 -- 01:44:30,000
If you think this means the bet's off, you're wrong.

01:44:30,001 -- 01:44:32,800
Ravel: Fuck off.
Chance: You fuck off.
[Ravel laughs]
01:44:32,801 -- 01:44:37,100
Janek: Get us as close as we can, only got one shot at this.
[we see Prometheus taking off]
01:44:49,700 -- 01:44:52,900
Janek: Life boat's away.
[we see Vickers frantically trying to get her suit on]
01:44:55,800 -- 01:44:58,800
Automated Voice:  ++20 seconds to evacuate. ++

01:45:05,800 -- 01:45:09,100
Chance: Countdown initiated.
Ravel: Ion propulsion is online.
[Vickers suits up and gets herself into her life support pod]
01:45:11,000 -- 01:45:13,100
Vickers: Come on!
[Vickers ejects her life support pod out of Prometheus]
01:45:25,200 -- 01:45:27,400
Janek: Alright gentlemen, let's do it!

01:45:30,900 -- 01:45:35,200
Automated Voice:  ++Impact imminent! ++
Janek: [shouts] Hands on!
[Janek, Ravel and Chance up their hands as they crash into the Engineer's ship]
01:46:56,300 -- 01:46:58,700
Vickers: No!
[Shaw and Vickers watch as Prometheus crashes into the Engineer's ship, but it comes back down heading towards where they are standing, they make a run for it but as it lands it rolls towards Shaw and Vickers, Shaw manages to roll herself out of the way]
01:47:17,100 -- 01:47:19,200
Vickers: Oh god. Ahh! No! No, no, no! Aaah!!
[Vickers, who began the film so physically vital, has, by now, clearly diminished. She stumbles as she tries to cut out of the rolling Juggernaut’s way and is crushed to death by the ship]
01:47:34,400 -- 01:47:38,500
Automated Voice:  ++Warning, you have 2 minutes of oxygen remaining.. ++
[Shaw makes her way to Vickers' life support pod, she enters and sees that the lab with the surgery pod is closed]
01:48:26,400 -- 01:48:31,000
Automated Voice:  ++Warning, you have 30 seconds of oxygen remaining.. ++

01:48:43,900 -- 01:48:46,500
Automated Voice:  ++Airlock sealed. ++

01:48:46,501 -- 01:48:50,000
Automated Voice:  ++Oxygen levels now stabilizing. ++
[Hearing pounding Shaw walks towards the Med Pod module and suddenly sees her alien offspring, still alive and has grown to gigantic size with huge tentacles, at that moment David contacts her]
01:50:07,000 -- 01:50:09,500
David:  ++Elizabeth, are you there? ++

01:50:09,501 -- 01:50:12,000
 ++This is David. ++

01:50:12,001 -- 01:50:14,300
Shaw: Yeah, I'm here.

01:50:14,700 -- 01:50:17,500
David: You need to get out, immediately.

01:50:17,501 -- 01:50:20,300
David:  ++He's coming for you. ++
Shaw: Who's coming?

01:50:20,301 -- 01:50:22,900
Automated Voice:  ++Airlock breach! ++
[we see the Engineer enter the module and Shaw, but Shaw quickly opens the door to the lab and releases her alien offspring onto the Engineer, Shaw manages to makes it out and the Engineer gets consumed by the alien as it uses its tentacle to force open its large cyclopean head, exposing the terrified face of the old man within, it shoves a thick proboscis into the his mouth and eventually settling on him]
01:50:30,800 -- 01:50:33,900
Shaw: Die!
[after making it out of the life support module where the Engineer is killed, Shaw lies on the ground and starts sobbing]
01:51:57,100 -- 01:52:00,600
Shaw: I am so sorry...

01:52:00,601 -- 01:52:03,000
Oh God...

01:52:03,001 -- 01:52:08,500
I am so sorry, I'm sorry Charlie, I can't do it.

01:52:08,501 -- 01:52:13,000
I can't do it anymore.
[David, whose decapitated head still lies in the dead Engineer's ship, contacts Shaw again]
01:52:14,600 -- 01:52:20,200
David:  ++Elizabeth? Are you there? ++

01:52:24,000 -- 01:52:28,600
 ++Dr. Shaw, can you hear me? ++

01:52:28,700 -- 01:52:30,900
Shaw: Yes.

01:52:31,500 -- 01:52:34,300
 ++Yes I can hear you. ++

01:52:34,301 -- 01:52:37,700
David: I was afraid you were dead.

01:52:37,800 -- 01:52:41,700
Shaw: You have no idea what afraid is.

01:52:41,701 -- 01:52:45,700
David: I know we've had our differences.

01:52:45,701 -- 01:52:50,500
But please, I need to ask you for your help.

01:52:50,501 -- 01:52:54,300
Shaw:  ++Why in hell would I help you? ++

01:52:54,800 -- 01:52:59,500
David: Because without me, you will never leave this place.

01:52:59,501 -- 01:53:03,100
Shaw: Neither one of us is leaving this place.

01:53:03,101 -- 01:53:06,600
David: It's not the only ship.

01:53:07,100 -- 01:53:09,800
 ++There are many others. ++

01:53:10,500 -- 01:53:13,500
I can operate them.
[Shaw drives to the Engineer's crashed ship to find David]
01:53:21,000 -- 01:53:23,700
Dr. Shaw?

01:53:35,100 -- 01:53:37,600
Dr. Shaw!

01:53:37,601 -- 01:53:40,500
Over here!
[Shaw sees David's decapitated head with his body lying close by]
01:53:44,800 -- 01:53:47,100
Shaw: Where's my cross?

01:53:47,101 -- 01:53:50,200
David: The pouch in my utility belt.
[Shaw steps next to David's headless body and finds her cross and puts it on]
01:54:07,800 -- 01:54:12,000
Even after all this, you still believe, don't you?
Shaw: God-like is not God.
David: A curious attitude for a scientist.
Shaw: I'm not afraid to be taught what I don't know, or ashamed to worship what I love... What are they David? What was that thing they are inside of?
David: They are your makers Dr. Shaw. From what we saw of the head you found, before Ms. Vickers destroyed it, and what I have seen in this ship, "they" aren't "in" anything. That wasn’t a Jonah trapped in the flesh of an alien leviathan. It was a single life form - possibly a colonial organism. But according to how they describe themselves, the cyclopean outer head and its parasitic appearing twin are one entity, sharing a single nervous system and, I imagine, some sort of compound consciousness. Each Engineer...
Shaw: What did you say to it?
David: I told it, "This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life."
Shaw: What did it say?
David: I can’t be sure, there was very little context...
Shaw: What did it say?
David: I think it said “Abortion.”
[using a winch Shaw lowers David’s body from an opening in the side of the alien ship. David’s head is next to her on the floor, watching Shaw as she strains with the task.]
01:54:12,700 -- 01:54:16,200
Shaw: You said you could understand the navigation.

01:54:16,201 -- 01:54:19,300
Use their maps.

01:54:19,301 -- 01:54:21,400
David: Yes of course.

01:54:21,401 -- 01:54:23,900
Once we get to one of their other ships,

01:54:23,901 -- 01:54:27,500
finding a path to Earth should be relatively straightforward.

01:54:27,501 -- 01:54:31,900
Shaw: I don't want to go back to where we came from.

01:54:32,400 -- 01:54:36,100
I want to go where they came from.

01:54:36,700 -- 01:54:40,000
You think you can do that David?

01:54:42,800 -- 01:54:46,500
David: Yes, I believe I can. But we will need the Engineer. It needs to seated in the Jockey Chair to fly the ship.
Shaw: I won’t be able to do that myself. We’ll need to get you back together again]
[she lifts David's head and looks at its underside]
01:54:55,500 -- 01:54:59,200
David: May I ask what you hope to achieve by going there?
[she considers the question then places the head in the bag, zipping it up and taking it with her as she makes her way down and out of the ship]
01:54:59,201 -- 01:55:03,500
Shaw: They created us, then they tried to kill us.

01:55:03,501 -- 01:55:06,900
Shaw: They changed their minds.

01:55:06,901 -- 01:55:10,200
Shaw: They sent us an invitation to visit a weapons depot. I deserve to know why.
[Close-up of Shaw’s hands and David’s face as she works with technical instruments to reconnect his head in side Vickers’ ruined module.]
01:55:10,600 -- 01:55:13,600
David: The answer is irrelevant.
[David’s head lays on its side next to his body on the floor. Shaw kneels besides him, intent on her work, sorting and clipping golden optical fibers.]
01:55:13,601 -- 01:55:16,600
David: Does it matter why they changed their minds?
[a gloved finger twitches]
01:55:16,601 -- 01:55:20,700
Shaw: Yes, yes it does.
[gloved fingers jerk uncontrollably]   
01:55:21,800 -- 01:55:25,900
David: I don't understand.
Shaw: Well...
[gloved hand contorts]  
01:55:27,500 -- 01:55:30,700
I guess that's because I am human being.
[the gloved hand snaps into a fist]   
01:55:30,701 -- 01:55:34,800
And you are a robot.
[the fist opens slowly and deliberately]  
01:55:42,300 -- 01:55:45,500
Shaw: I'm sorry.
David: It's quite alright.
[gloved hands, covered in blood and gore, reach down to remove the limp body-hugger from the Engineer.]
David: [speaking in voiceover] But if I may, I don’t think you will like the answers to your questions. You see Dr Shaw, while you were wrestling with the big questions, I was reading the writing on the walls, accessing their ship’s logs, studying their star maps and hieroglyphic murals. God is in the details, it would seem.
[On gloved hand holds the cyclopean head by its large main trunk, while the other hand forcefully works, like a sailor drawing up an anchor, to remove body-hugger’s long proboscis from the Engineer’s gaping mouth.]
First of all, you are wrong about this place Dr. Shaw. It isn’t a weapons depot. It’s more of a shepherd's hut. Your Engineers have been using hypersleep to skip through time - a bit like Mr. Weyland, but on a far grander scale. Doing so, they have stretch their lifetimes out over millions of years.
[the hands are shown clamping the Engineer’s withered inner- bust and arms back into its enfolding ribs]
And while I told you the truth about needing the Engineer’s body to operate their ship, they have no grand cities. There are only isolated shepherds and the remnants of their flocks. There is no homeworld I’m afraid. I apologize for not being more forthcoming about that. I couldn’t risk spending eternity as a disembodied head, I’m sure you understand...
[The cyclopean head is pushed into place, covered now in bloody hand prints. The bulbous end of its bony main trunk is jammed into a large pink sphincter at the creature’s navel.]
That, in the end, is what this is all about Dr. Shaw; immortality. Mr. Weyland thought he could get it from the Engineers, and they in turn believed they could get it from their makers. They believed that all life in the universe was created by a single lost race; “Old Ones.”
[The limp Engineer is grabbed by one of its gigantic wrists]
The Engineers worshiped these progenitors who, they believed, were the first species to seed the universe with life, but who disappeared millions of years ago and left nothing to explain why they left or where they might have gone. So you see Dr. Shaw, your makers were abandoned by their Gods as well.
[the Engineer is dragged by an unseen figure through a large puddle of human blood]
So it shouldn’t be terribly shocking to learn that the Engineers seem to have understood their makers’ motives no better than you understand yours. But, like you, the Engineers were believers all the same, just not exactly like you. Like you, they seemed to have believed in God-like creators; that life in the universe had degenerated from those more perfect beginnings.
[the Engineer is dragged towards the module’s wrecked door leaving a long smear of blood.]
But unlike you, Dr. Shaw, your makers approached their makers with real fear. Their texts and murals that describe the inevitable return of those original Elder Things are apocalyptic. But they include no judgement of the wicked, nor any deliverance for the righteous - just destruction.
[with a loud thud the body of the Engineer hits the rocky ground beneath the elevated doorway of Vicker’s pod]
You want to know why the Engineers made you? Because they could. They inherited a suite of biotechnologies from the Old Ones, and were trying to recreate the eldritch wonders of their creators. The Humaniod DNA that they had been seeding planets with was a part of that inheritance.
[The body is shown as it is pushed, face-down, limbs akimbo, into the back of the Wagon]
They had refined it down from their oceanic genome - a bit like the ways the early human scholars I studied on our trip sought to trace back the babel of modern languages to a single, and divine, Adamic tongue.
[The Wagon drives down the valley towards the line of distant pyramids.]
But the Engineers weren’t pious monks - or at least not selflessly so. They wanted to reclaim the power of Old Ones for themselves. As I told Mr. Weyland, the Engineers aren’t a species, they are the remnants of one - or perhaps a few, it isn’t clear.
[We see the engineer in the back of the Wagon, its head bouncing against the deck by the rough drive.]
What is clear is that their only concern was achieving their own individual immortality. They were willing to transform themselves into monstrosities and even risk blasphemy in order to achieve that goal. So they were zealots Dr. Shaw, but perhaps a bit more like Mr. Weyland than you.
[The Wagon enters one of the distant pyramids crosses a long bridge towards a second crescent shaped alien ship. The Wagon is dwarfed by this second alien Juggernaut.]
So less an order, and more a junta perhaps. A vicious faction in any case. One corner of an internecine battle over what was righteousness and what was blasphemy.
[the Engineer is shown slung over the back of a space-suited back carried through the interior of the second Juggernaut]
That is why the Earth was to be wiped clean of all life Dr. Shaw. They never “hated” you. Two thousand years ago, they prepared to destroy all life on Earth, the way they had already destroyed their creations on thousands of worlds like it, because they were fighting a war.
[the unconscious Engineer is carried through a cargo bay, along a walkway surrounded by a reactive mist]
You can be forgiven for supposing that the Engineers worshiped their own likeness the way Christians worship theirs, but in fact they seem to worship the likeness of a humanoid the ways primitive human herdsman worshiped their goats.
[the Engineer’s leg slips of the walk way and breaks the mist. We see his foot dragging past rows of leathery egg sacs]
Humans resemble the Engineers the way chickens resemble human fetuses. Your species is the fragment off a fragment of a massive biological inheritance the Engineers have worked millions of years to harness. This place is not a weapons dump, Earth is. You and the other humanoids the Engineers had seeded worlds with are pupa; you were created to be hosts. Biological incubators for another species entirely. A weapon.
[the body of the unconscious Engineer is thrown unceremoniously onto the platform at the center  of a room identical to the control room of the first ship.]
The Engineers created whole populations of “meat on the hoof”- ready at a moments notice to be converted into a far more aggressive biological weapons system... Earth was one of thousands of worlds they have seeded with the host DNA.
[Besides the giant’s body, the bag that had contained David’s head is placed with care]
The Engineer’s humanoids are the frail, big-brained, and, most importantly, docile scaffold, created to wait meekly until a chosen moment, when it could be easily weaponized into a singularly indestructible and destructive life form that the engineers use to fight their enemies.
[Engineer slumped at his side, David’s bloody hands activate the second ship’s controls, igniting its orrery display]
The Engineers we discovered weren’t killed by “what's in their cargo,” Dr. Shaw, they were attacked by something they feared to even name--something unspeakable. Something they either refused to name, or which took them by surprise and they had no opportunity to name.
[The Jockey Chair rises from the orrery platform]
But whichever it was, they were afraid of it. The only evidence I found of this third force, was the residue that Ms. Vickers, in her panic, called the "colour out of space." The same residue that may have been what inoculated you against the Engineer's biotech...
[David, his head  hanging awkwardly against his back lifts the Engineer into the Jockey’s chair]
They weren’t returning to earth because they had “changed their minds”, they were returning to activate it. To use your species for the purpose for which it and all the others like it had been created, to make you into weapons. Besides Earth and the Arcturian system, they seemed to have very few of the weapons caches left, which is why I assume they are losing the war...
[David removes Elizabeth Shaw’s severed head carefully places it on the controls besides him]
David: [now directly addressing Shaw’s head] That, Dr. Shaw, what I saw in their ships logs, that is what the writings and murals in their temple describe; that is what their star maps show: a universe of dead worlds, thousands of planets used by zealots as petri dishes to grow whole cultures of sentient beings, and then, according to their own strategic needs, they sterilized them. So while you have failed to find any existential answers, you have managed to resolve the Fermi Paradox.
[David slips Shaw’s cross over her head so it hangs around her neck]
The Engineers have, in their search to make themselves into Gods, made a desert of the universe.
[David turns his attention to the holographic Orrery display, clearly setting a course to return to Earth.]
Your makers were nothing more than eugenic idolaters and genocidal iconoclasts Dr. Shaw.
[David turns away from Shaw’s head and exits the Orrery towards the cargo bay]
And humanity is nothing more than a blasphemous fetish.
[he retraces his steps until he is standing over one of the egg-shaped Alien podes]
You are a maggots, worshiped by your cockroach overlords, in the shadow of a descending boot.
[The pod opens and David reaches in and extracts a writhing face hugger. He admires the creature with unalloyed joy]
“There's nothing in the desert. No man needs nothing.”
[Ship rises and arcs into the sky; but is replaced by a brief glimpse of Peter O'Toole riding away from an English village on a motorcycle at the very beginning of Lawrence of Arabia.]
01:55:59,500 -- 01:56:02,500
David:  ++Final report of the vessel Prometheus. ++
[The Jockey is shown alone in his chair. Suddenly his head jerks, and arms, fastened in place, pull against their restraints, but the shot is again replaced by a flash of a goggled PeterO’Toole driving past road work]
01:56:02,501 -- 01:56:05,900
David:  ++The ship and her entire crew are gone. ++
[The Engineer’s chest heaves repeatedly and finally the suite's massive rib cage gives; O’Toole is shown on the open road gaining speed.]
01:56:05,901 -- 01:56:11,500
David:  ++If you're receiving this transmission, make no attempt to come to its point of origin. ++
[a form begins to push out of the hole in the engineer’s chest; O’Toole is shown smiling as he gains speed and drives through vaulted trees.]
01:56:11,501 -- 01:56:16,500
David:  ++There's only death here now. ++
[the chest-burster flops to the ground at the base of the chair; O’Toole is shown trying to maintain control of his speeding motorcycle as he dodges two oncoming bicyclists]
01:56:16,501 -- 01:56:22,500
David:  ++It is the 12th day of Pentecost, year of our Lord, 2094. ++
[the chest-burster, wrapped in it embryonic sac lays still for a moment and begins to unfold its limbs and tear through the sac; O’Toole loses control and goes off the road, his motorcycle flies riderless through the air without him]
01:56:22,501 -- 01:56:28,900
David:  ++My name is David, last survivor of the Prometheus. ++
[the chest-burster is a monstrously transformed likeness of Elizabeth Shaw. In addition to a set of full sized arms, the Shaw-Burster has two sets of smaller arms; one on its chest, not unlike a Xenomorph Queen, another sprouting from its back (perhaps the Queens’ large head parts hide a similar formation. But rather than an insectoid exoskeleton, the Shaw-Burster is covered in the glittering green slime like David found on the First Ship just before he activated the hologram of the fleeing Engineers. It is the colour out of space. It stands upright and naked, studying its surroundings. As the metal beneath the placental sac begins to smoke and dissolve the Shaw-Burster spots the severed head; O’Toole’s goggles are shown swinging from a branch]
David:  ++I am returning home. ++


  1. excellent, love the ending. Any chance somebody could illustrate and animate it? :)

  2. Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed it. The illustrator PJ McQuade has promised a few illustrations (google his Prometheus fan poster). I've been thinking of making an open invitation for people to submit artwork to go along with the text. I'd enjoy seeing what people came up with.

  3. Are you going to draw the SHaw buster? and how did she get decapitated?

  4. Could you explain the ending for me? I really like it but don't get it.

  5. I'm not going to Draw the Shaw-burster, no, but I'd be curios to see someone else do it. As for how Shaw is decapitated, David does it with his hands.

    As for explaining the ending, what exactly don't you understand?

  6. Ok is the big Space jocky the same one found in Alien? Because he doesn't sound like it, Where is old Dave going, what was happening to Vickers, and how was the Shaw buster created? Also I might be able to draw the shaw buster for you, I'm PossessedIron on Devaintart