Sunday, June 3, 2012


For some tie I have wanted to build an archive that would allow those interested to quickly search through old posts. Seeing how Sha Hawng was using Pinterest to reblog SWM posts inspired me to use that platform as a visual archive. So far I've created a number of "boards" each dedicated to a general subject. It isn't a perfect solution, but it seems to be a pretty good one. You shouldn't need to be a member of Pinterest to view the boards - if anyone does have any trouble navigating the Archive, or suggestions on how it could be improved, I hope they will comment either here or on my Pinterest page.

So far the categories I have archived are:

Art: I sometimes write about art, but only rarely my own. I'm more interested in thinking about art more generally.

Architecture: This is a board for my own writings on architecture - mostly from the Star Wars Modern blog, but from elsewhere as well.

Star Wars This is long overdue: A place where those interested in finding out what I have to say about the original 1977 Star Wars film can go and get their freak on.

Movies: Star Wars gets its own board for obvious reasons, but I thought I'd make a space for some other films I've written about, but also for writings on movies more generally.

Technology: I am an artist, a group that is generally low-tech, and even among artists I am a late-adopter. But I am interested in technology, not just in terms of cutting edge (and therefor buggy) gadgets, but also in the broadest terms; things like abstract art that we don't usually think of as technologies. Additionally I am interested in the cultural aspects of technologies - like why whiteness is the default "look" of high technology.

Consumerism: Over the past year I have been thinking about what it means to be a "consumerist." To often Consumerism is conflated with gluttony. Judged by the Eames' motto of "The best, for the most, for the least" consumerism is perhaps one of the most humane ideologies ever conceived.

Modernity: What I write about when I write about Star Wars is modernity and Modernism. This is often (but not always) my taget when I am writing about architecture, movies, comic books and art as well. Rather than put everything here, this board is a bit of a catch all for posts that don't fit easily elsewhere.

Politics: Here and there I write about my ideas on politics. I am an artist, and it is only as an artist that I make any claims to any sort of authority, but I am also a member of a democracy, and believe strongly that speaking clearly to one another about what we believe is the bedrock of civility.

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