Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spotless Mind

Damien Hirst; Methamphetamine, 2004

Recently we found out that anyone who sees all of Damien Hirst's spot paintings will win a print valued somewhere between $3,500.00 and $50,000.00. Greg Allen believes making the trip would be hellish - but he has two daughters and needs to be back home in time for the school play. Felix Salmon did the math for an imaginary plutocrat making the trip in gilded age style (sans private jet) for $108,572.00.

This all got Jennifer Bostic thinking. She believes that a couple of hipsters could do the trip in better style than any bloated plutocrat could ever hope to achieve. UPDATE: And if our travel savvy "underemployed" hipsters sold their two prints, their trip would not only cost $102,804.00 less than Pictor Vinchuk's trip, but even if the prints come it at the $3500.00 low ball, the hipsters still come out ahead at the end of their trip. With that, allow me to leave the rest of the post to our guest blogger, Ms. Bostic:


UPDATECourtesy of AirTreks, we found a better rate. It includes a stopover in Kuala Lumpur for a little pool/tropical cocktail downtime.

AirTreks Special
USD $2253 per person (best rate)
New York - London - Paris - Rome - Athens - Istanbul - Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong - Los Angeles - New York

Hip style in a classic London townhouse
$120 per night
1 night

A favorite budget hotel for fashionistas during Fashion Week
$130 per night
1 night

$150 per night
1 night

Inn at the Spanish Steps
Über romantic hotel with views of the Spanish Steps
1 night

Fresh Hotel
Eames furnishings and a rooftop pool, what more could you possibly want?
$69 per night
1 nights

Kuala Lumpur
Villa Samadhi
Chic, serene, luxe little hideaway in the middle of the city
1 night

Hong Kong
JIA Hotel
Designer Phillippe Starck's first boutique hotel in Asia
$170 per night
2 nights

Los Angeles
$94.00 per night
2 nights

New York

Original Total using Expedia for flights: $13,206 for 2 people

New Total using AirTreks for flights: $5,768 for 2 people


  1. AirTreks itinerary is missing the Geneva stop.

  2. We are taking the train from Paris to Geneva and back. No need to fly that short route. It's included in the transportation cost. This was specified in our last post with the Expedia itinerary.

  3. The first spot print is up for sale at the Phillip's Auction in London this coming Wednesday 2/27.