Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tonight: Livestream screening and discussion of Episodes 2 & 4 of the Artist Commentary

Clare Brew, Jedi Powers (2010)

Tonight at 8PM NYC time I am screening two episodes of my Artist Commentary, Star Wars and Modernism, and giving a talk with the composer/artist  R Luke Dubois, who is scoring the series.

Luke and i screened a different portion of the commentary last month, but if this is the first you have heard of this video project, it is the reason I started this blog. It is a work in progress, when it is complete it will be a cycle of 14 short videos that follow the original 1977 film with a commentary, a slide show, and now a really awesome original score  composed by Luke (the coincidence is not lost on us). This is not a 'making of'' - it is more akin to a director's commentary. I discuss the film as an object in relation to Post-War American art, architecture and politics.

The website Hyperallergic is hosting the event in their offices. For those of you out side of New York or otherwise unable to attend there will be a livestream of the entire evening here:

Please join us. If you are curious to know more about the project in advance there are some sections of the Commentaries my YouTube page (the Intro and the Primer are good places to begin) and there are a some nice write-ups of the screening I did last month with Luke and moderated by Colby Chamberlain, the senior eitor of Triple Canopy; one by Zachary Cohen, an other by Matt Haber, and this recent one by Chad Smith.

A NOTE ABOUT THE IMAGE: Clare Brew is an artist who's work I was introduced to last year by my friends Felix Salmon and Michelle Vaughan. Felix and Michelle contacted me in response to the essay I wrote for Triple Canopy (Star Wars: A New Heap) and asked if I would make an artist book as a wedding gift for Clare, who very much shares my minimalist sensibility, but had never seen Star Wars and her cinematographer fiancée (now husband) Chris Scarafile who is very much a Star Wars guy, but was flummoxed by minimalist art. Felix, Michelle, Chris and Clare's birthday gift to me was this beautiful Homage to the Star Wars Modern project. I'm pretty sure Clare's piece is the first piece of art generated in response to SWM, and certain that it is the perfect birthday present for this aging Sith (the Death Star is perhaps the most perfect minimalist object ever realized). I am glad that I was able to contribute to Clare and Chris' marital bliss, and now so happy to have Clare's art work on my wall.

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