Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zaha Hadid Collaborates with Humanoid Lizards That Eat Human Flesh

I think ABC's "re-imagining" of the 80s mini-series "V" stinks on ice. Generally I will watch anything if it has someone wearing a prosthetic forehead and talking techno babble and there's a little gun play. Add to that character flaw a gruesome hangover and I found myself watching V - super bored, but unable to turn away.
Then I spotted an oddly familiar bit bloboid furniture in the alien queens flying saucer (worst turn on the trope since Norman Garwood's lopsided over-designed saucer for Lost in Space). I was finally entertained, but still too stupid to figure out exactly what I was looking at (I blame the hangover). I sent the screen grab to my friend Greg. He's my favorite go to guy for random late night WTFs. Before the alien queen could eat her lover (stupid show) he fired back that it was a Moon System B&B Italia Sofa designed by Ms. Hadid.

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