Friday, February 26, 2010

Singularity Postscript: An Artist's Statement

Tom Friedman, Untitled, (1998)

My thanks to Ken MacLeod for giving the go ahead for this series of posts. I am equally indebted to Ray Kurzweil and Tom Friedman. I've linked to Kurzweil's book pretty heavily. And while Friedman is an art star, well known within the artworld, he is almost totally google proof (damn you The World is Flat) here is the full uninterrupted text by Friedman that inspired the last nine posts:
1. Faster computers memory storage, retrieval, and processing more efficient.
2. World-wide web increases in volume and complexity. Search and navigation through web improves. With faster computers able to store, retrieve, and manipulate larger amounts of information: navigation through the web becomes more immediate.
3. Faster computers enable more immediate and complex 3-D image construction and manipulation. Standard commercial computer has processing power to construct, manipulate, and navigate through fairly detailed VR (virtual reality) spaces. Sites on the web begin to incorporate VR formats. Vicinity becomes term for VR site City standard web vicinity format.
4. Developments in image recognition leads to 3-D scanner technology. 3-D scanners look like hand held video cameras. 3-D motion scanner.
5. Basic manipulation of objects in VR spaces. Technologies directed toward programing and hardware for object manipulation.
6. Stereoscopic monitors developed to solve problems of spacial reference in VR space.
7. Standard commercial computer has processing power to construct, manipulate, and navigate through highly detailed VR spaces. Stereoscopic eye ware replaces monitors for internet navigation.
8. Technology directed towards constructing virtual presence in VR space. Programs developed that allow customizing of VR bodies. Sensory body suits developed to more accurately manipulate VR bodies. An elaborate array of armatures offer resistance to simulate real space movement and sustain muscle strength.
9. Sensory implants become available; unpopular due to body violation, mostly used by internet cults.
10. Technology directed towards extending time spent in VR space.
11. Science of neuromapping leads to neuroreconstruction and neurocosmetics. Artificial enlightenment (enlightenment achieved through neurocosmetics) becomes fad.
12. Sensory explants developed. This technology evolved from discovery and research into m-wave or mental wave emissions. Struggle between technologies of neural violating (brain washing) devices and neural security systems.
13. VR space achieves seemlessness with reality. First VR amusement park. Slowly people migrate to a VR space existence.
14. Division, and tension between VR space people and R space people.
15. Assimilation programs develop which translate information or new functions to individual mind base. Physiological assimilation programs available. Library of experiences opens. Public access to files of recorded experiences.
16. Neural devices being used over the years have stimulated m-wave emissions in people perimeter of individual m-wave emission increases to extend outside body shell. Telepathy becomes a standard sense.
17. Technology directed towards m-wave stimulation devices.
18. Slow linking of people in M (mental) space. M space perimeter increases as more individuals assimilate into M space. Within M space individuals retain m (personal) space. Objects in M space are constructed by assimilees. As more individuals assimilate into M space, they contribute to the concretization of object thought form. Distance in M space is measured by the time required to construct the particular relocating thought. First level M space is communal, containing the union and intersections of m spaces. Sublevel M spaces are constructed for various reasons. Each sublevel removed from the first level requires a larger and larger amount of focal energy to sustain. M space existees fluctuate back and forth from M space to R (real) space. Places exist in R space for M space existee's bodies while in M space. Slowly M space existees separate from their material body. The shedding of physiological constructions to pure mind increases dramatically the fluidity and velocity of thought.
19. First contact with another life form (in M-space). Shown new worlds in M space by new life form. Shown the link between M space and R space.
20. Humans evolve to MR (mind real) space. Individuals can fluctuate back and forth between M and R space and the rules for both spaces are interchangeable.
21. Q (quantum) space pockets appear in M space. Q-space is the consciousness of patterns. It is a non reflexive space; a space of being; as opposed to M space which is total reflexivity. If a Q space point intersects with the center of an individual m-wave construction, the individual is assimilated into Q space. In R space, death is assimilation into Q space. M-wave construction designates vicinity within Q-space patterns. If individual m-wave construction is turbulent then it attaches to turbulent Q space vicinity. Very turbulent Q space vicinity can dissolve individual m-wave construction (loss of soul). If an m-wave construction is a single point then that m-wave, when assimilated into Q space, attaches to nothing, is drawn to the center of Q space and is assimilated into A (absolute) space.
Tom Friedman: Artist's Text, 2000

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